Profession Opinions

IMHO, spend your first points for herbalism or mining in 40 into [botany] or 35 into [mining process] so that you can gather while mounted. 

I hate that the skinning trainer is standing immediately behind one of the leatherworking tables. I am constantly clicking on them. 

I 100% agree with everyone that says the fishing profession needs a hat slot. We may need a secondary equipment slot for toons with a fishing ring. 

I wish the crafting orders system worked 'better'. To complete "# of (profession) crafting orders" quests, my default is to go to my bank toon, and order low-level items. Gimme 3 bolts of cloth, or 2 handfuls of bolts, or 3 'profession equipment'. I sort of wish that when I specify a personal order, I could see their available recipes. Oh, look my hunter can make ___, lets's order 3 of those? My bank toon could order profitable items, not just garbage fillers. 

Leveling engineering is dreadful. Creating 1 middle-level item, requires 1 rare gem, 2 arclight spanners, and a handful of bolts. That arclight spanner requires one fire, 5 bolts, a set of springs and some greased gears. The greased gears require 1 order, ... Just say, I am happy that ore is cheap on the AH. 

Crafting benches are a nice idea. Requiring my alchemist to run Brackenhide dungeon in order to access the "decay" bench is less fun. How about putting the bench just into the zone where the dungeon "is". I could fly there, make my 



alt skips - accept the quest, fly up to NPC, chat, select the 'I've seen this all before' then 'I know my way around' now the island is open. My main opened up the waygate, 100% planning on flying to waygate: academy, then over to the new zone. Unnecessary. 

New Onyx Annulet ring. Cool spell effects on the stones, but stam only makes it hard to replace a similar level, with correct stat ring. Testing it, but not super excited. 

Zskera vault notes

  • start off with empty bags. This place is worse than mechagon in the amount of bag filler. 
  • Go in, do one vault, go back out turn in the quest, and go back in. There are always more quests outside to collect something (pages hidden all over). 
  • There are two extra-action toys that you can pick up. One I got at top of the spider web (you climb it like a rope), that winds you to another platform. The second is a roll-of-dice scroll that teleports you to a random door. 
  • There appear to be 4 upper floors. Equip the SL parasol to float and hop around between balconies. 
  • get more keys by completing quests inside. In one room, I found some Brewfest promoters who wanted something scattered around inside, they gave me 2 more keys for completing it. 

tl;dw - rares, treasure chests around forbidden reach, keys are boa so send them across to focus character. get 6 keys by doing quests at the entrance. 


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