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OMG! It's the End of the World!!!!

I can't watch many WoW youtube channels right now this expansion. Seems many vloggers are all click-baiting us into watching their same rehash regarding the end of WoW! I realize that I have a different perspective that these players. I only have a single toon at 120. I haven't run a normal/heroic/mythic raid (trying to get into a pug, but not completed). I come from a small guild that doesn't have enough regular players to fill a 5-man dungeon group. Read the following in Orc voice and animate my head. This is my reaction post, reacting to Bellular's reaction of Asmongold's reaction video where he reacts to a weeks old blue post for the PTR edition of the game. Titanforging and warforging killed the fun!   Your Warforging gear spinner! I like titanforging. I am happy for my guild member when he gets a +15 titanforged item in his mythic+ loot box. It means that we'll probably be able to push those keys a 'little bit higher'! It means