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November Means Normals, Healing, Oh and BlizzCon.

Dia's Nightmarish Leggings . Nov em ber has been a fun month for me. Let me start off this post with this. These peculiar stretch pants are available in both male and female sizes, horde and alliance. Yes, it looks like you have two skeletal gnomes in your pants, trying to climb out, or maybe they're simply groping your legs and got stuck in the bandages. This has to be extremely uncomfortable for your toon to wear, especially while sitting down. That permanent scowl on my orc's face? Yeah, now you know why.. Where you ask? Well, Elkagorasa was invited to a Normal HFC raid. This group raids regularly Sunday nights (local time) at a reasonable hour! You know that ideal 8PM - Midnight PST. See my oldest daughter plays rec. soccer. Her team had a scrimmage the other night with a similar aged boys team. One of the boys on the opposing team happened to be a boy she went to school with back in Kindergarten (9y ago). His dad still plays WoW. Overall, that first HFC

Oh Blizzard, Can You FIX My Toy Box?

So, as I now have flying on all my toons, I've started flying around to all of the various treasure locations in Draenor collecting toys whenever possible. In addition, I have 2 (of my 3 100s) that are now actively working to improve their garrison followers by sending them on tons of missions. This means they get all the nice drops, goodies and things from these missions. Sadly, I still get at least one Staff of something another about once a week. See, the problem is that when I get these wonderful little treasures, I can't simply 'add' them to my Toy Box, (click to bind) as I have already collected this toy with my main. I can't simply throw it away, I have to D.E.L.E.T.E. it. I can't even sell it on the auction house as it's BOP. Blizzard, someone's broken my toys and I am grumpy. I have some ideas to fix this. If I click on a toy that I already have, cast it's effect on me, then consume it.  OR If I get a new toy, popup a little &#