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Boosting the Alliance

You get standard edition? Last Friday was payday, which meant, I pre-ordered Legion . It was a difficult decision because I really wanted to purchase the Deluxe edition and get the mount, but I stuck with the chipper chicken. The biggest perk of pre-ordering, personally, is the boost to 100. Friends/co-workers had been bugging me for quiet sometime to level up a toon so we could do 3s arenas. Being they're on a PVP realm, I thought this was a perfect way to not have to quest! :) Erlenmeyer flask A few months ago, I started leveling a hunter. I figured this class would be an easy compliment to warlock DPS; ranged dps with a pet. What's not to love? Not to surprisingly, I loved the game play, now that I can shoot and run at the same time. Erlenmyer (yeah, misspelled) made it all the way to 27 using heirloom gear, plus any xp bonus available (wow token, dark moon fair, etc.). I was able to top the DPS meters when running those dungeons rather easily. Unfortunately,