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Are you Mecha-Done?

One of the most exciting mounts to come out this last expansion (personally) is the Model-W. This wheel mount comes in two variants, new and rusty. The rusty edition is dropped from Rustfeather with a 0.5% drop rate. The Model-W is a shiny edition that comes from a fairly lengthy bunch of achievements. I have been working on this achievement on my Alliance Warlock for some time now and thought it was time to look up the remaining portions. (Note: Comparing achievements with my alts, it appears the meta-achievements are BOA. My son has Making the Mount marked completed, yet hasn't completed the quest chain.) You can find the achievement under: Character > Achievements > Exploration > Battle For Azeroth It has 10 meta-achievements included in it. I believe the very first achievement " Unnamed Branch " is from completing the main storyline which concludes with killing King Mechagon in the dungeon "Operation: Mechagon". (update: as soon as