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Topic 24 - Class Fantasy Yay or Nay

Post about class fantasy with some fantasy conversation between my pally and my warlock. Warlock: I hate my class hall. I hate my class mount. Demons stink and they don't bathe. I have to go into the sewers to get to my class hall and all it is space on the demon hunter starting zone. Demon Hunters!?! who took my demon form in return for empowered demon minions. Paladin: I was just born about a year ago now, so I am new to this, but you're a warlock. You have a demon as a pet following you around all the time. I'd think you would be used to it by now.  Your class mount is almost identical to that fel-horsey you rode around Dalaran for months. Now you are saying you don't like it?   Like you have it hard. Your class hall is a shiny golden palace. Your mount comes in three colors and you can change it based on your outfit. Top it off, you got help the priest class hall and stole away one of their followers. You have a giant space alien dancing aro

Mythic Seat of Triumvirate - Tank POV

Patch 7.3 -week three opened up the newest 5-man dungeon, The Seat of the Triumvirate . This dungeon is the end of a touching storyline involving Velen and his two brothers. The dungeon is a 4 boss dungeon. A guildie and I pugged it on Mythic+0 with no looking ahead and, I feel, we did fairly good. Zuraal - Fairly easy tank and spank with adds. He randomly spawns void globes that will leave snail-like trails behind them of void-badness. They need to be killed quickly to avoid filling the arena. He also randomly drops a large pool of void that must be a-voided. :) Basically, just keep moving. Saprish - Hunter with 2 pets. Or... A flying boss bird, with humanoid pet. There are three players in this encounter, Saprish the Etheral and his 2 pets; a bird Shadewing and a cat, Darkfang. We wiped 4 times because we didn't interrupt Shadewing . The Dead Screech would overlap with the void traps causing almost 10 seconds of stun. The 'trick' that we came to was to focus o

PVP: Shadow-Pan Showdown

I love the Blizzard has been changing up PVP this expansion. I find these crazy brawls rather appealing to play and participate in. They make me want to do more PVP (not world) aspects of the game. Ref: Shadow-Pan Showdown Shadow-PanShowdown is a PVE players dream. You queue up as a 5 man dungeon team: tank, healer and 3 DPS. When the BG starts, you are faced against a similar 5-man party and race to the center. You will randomly be assigned to purple or gold team.  In the center of the dance floor are two bosses surrounded by a giant disco ring. The team with the most players at center, will enable their attackable boss. Winner is the team that takes down their boss first.  The bosses have 3 basic abilities.  Smash - knocks back attackable team to the wall of the arena if caught in it. Avoid ground with 'dust flying' AOE damage - circles appear on ground, avoid. One boss it's fire, one boss it's electricity. Healing - interrupt whenever possib

Hunter 100 - 110

Beast Master  Erlenmyer Last Friday, I worked at night, so I had most of the day off. I spent this time leveling up my Alliance hunter from 102 up to 110. Wearing all my heirloom gear, I was actually a bit surprised on how quickly this happened. Erl managed to reach 110 by only: I participated in a legion assault. Since I was sub-110, I couldn't do the 3-man scenario after 4 quests, but I did get a LOT of xp (plus a hidden bonus of racking up almost 4000 nethershards by max level). I did on the other hand run all of the legion invasion quests in the zone.  I started questing in Highmountain, since that's the home zone of the hunter order hall. I still haven't completed the quest chain.  I've gotten about half way through the Order hall campaign. Still haven't opened up the 3rd relic slot on my weapon.  Currently at Missing Mages and realized that I'll need to open Suramar to continue. I started the engineering quest chain, but got stuck on roughly the