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Ulduar: Flame Leviathan = Fun!

OK, so for my first time ever into Ulduar, I only saw one boss, but this was a fun fight. I rode along with a guidlie as the gunner on Flame Leviathan . For those that have never run Uludar, this is an all vehicle battle. you start in the vehicles and die when you get out (at least during the storms of Thorims Hammer ) you have helicopters and ground troops trying to take you out you have 2 different shot mechanisms plus a shield (on the siege engine) like OS, you can choose your difficulty and rewards by how many towers you leave up. We tried several times with 2 towers up, and decided to take down the Tower of Flames. As the gunner, I had 3 roles. Shoot down towers and helicopters during initial siege. Shoot down pyrite deliveries. Think they are siege engine fuel. Shields up when targeted by FL. DPS like crazy when not targeted. Overall, we wiped approximately 6 times on this partially noob-equipped fight. It was a lot of fun once I figured out how to find my driver's tank. Get

Spotted on Nibuca's Twitter Feed (Mystic Chicanery)

User is trying to create key bindings and having issues, posted a request for help on the forums ....

Tier 10 Warlock preview posted

MMO Champion has posted a preview of what looks like 4 different colors of the tier 10 warlock gear. Initial review reminds me of a wizard that may have appeared TRON , especially with all those glowy shapes on the chest piece.. :)

Whew! Finally over!

The long, strange trip is finally over and now I can rest up.. Day of the Dead !? ( edit: none of this valid) If you're curious, this is also my gui. I have been tweaking my location of buttons due to suggestions from my guild tank. Starting at the bottom center, going clockwise, they are: Bottom Center: Primary rotation mapped to (1. COA / COE / COD , 2. Immolate , 3. Chaos Bolt , 4. Conflagerate, 5. Incinerate ) then Life Tap on 6, and a corruption macro (corruption + blood fury ) on 7. I love using Shadowfury (8) as a start on my AOE -> Rain of fire(9). 0 is drain life and "-" is drain soul. Above that is two rows of seldom used, but still necessary spells. Pet bar on top of that, and then (under the achievement display) myself and my target, with my pet above my right and target's target on top left. Bottom left: Temporary items, instance/quest macros and skills. Left side: Party bars - not shown. Top Left: Raid grid (I use xPerl's gr

Achievement- Leading the Cavalry - Completed

This afternoon, I broke down and spent the 880g to get my Ice Mammoth , the mount you can get a revered from the Sons of Hodir . This brought me to 49/50 mounts for Leading the Cavalry . A very cool mount, but looks a lot like the black mammoth. :) After a run through Wintergrasp, just for kicks, I checked in with Mei Francis . I was just about to wander off, when I noticed that she had 2 mounts that I still didn't own, Tawny and Green Wind Riders. :) I was happy to see that she sold both for only a little gold! Woohoo! Achievement!

3.3 Patch Nodes - Macro changes

I am very curious about this function mention on . New! (10/13): You can now query for a list of completed quests with "QueryQuestsCompleted()" then wait for the "QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE" event, and call "GetQuestsCompleted( )". Does this mean that I can write an add-on that will actually tell me what quests I still need to complete ?? Jame and his " Tourguide " app could really take advantage of a function like this!

Scripting access to WowArmory

At home (usually after 9PM until 12AM), I am Elkagorasa, Orc Warlock on Realm Malfurion, feared by sewer rats and murlocs across the land. IRL, I am an email admin for one of the largest employers in California. As part of my employee, I write scripts to troubleshoot issues in the office. I have found the easiest way to learn new scripting tricks, is to write personal purpose scripts. Fun! My latest script reads from Blizzard's WowArmory allowing you to query everything about your favorite toon. To read more check it out all my Warcraft related technical articles here .

This achievement looks fun and easy!

Old Screenshots

I was going through my screenshots from the game today; weeding out the accidentally taken and found this gem. I remember while working on the " Explorer " title, I jumped off land and thought I'd swim over to the next unexplored area. It's then I found this helicopter pad . Here I sit all decked out in my level 70 blues and purples. (No fancy tier gear here).

Ambassador Elkagorasa

This weekend, through a combination of Argent Tourney dailies and working on the Blood Elf starting area quests, I finally achieved the " Ambassador " title. At the same time, by achieving Exalted with the Blood Elf s, I reached my goal of finally getting a super chicken . OK, not really a chicken , but the Hawkstrider . This brings me to 48/50 to get the white proto drake . I am thinking that I have a few options for my last 2 mounts. Complete the Troll Champion for Argent Tourney and get at least the 400g 5seals Raptor. Buy them on the AH, not cheap. Get the 100 Champion Seals to get one of the racial mounts. Hope for a holiday mount this Halloween. ( broom , horse ) Finish the Hallow's End meta-achievement and get the Violet Proto Drake . Hallow's End starts this Sunday, so I can get that really soon. That gives me the next 6 days to get my remaining tokens to get the argent racial mounts.

New pet I want..

I was reading through the Almost Evil blog about some of the Horde Tourney pets available. I hadn't realized how cool the Sen'jin Fetish looks. Sadly, I was using the Tourney to get Horde rep, so I've left the Trolls for very last. Check it out on Youtube .