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October News: Priest hits 100! Holidays, Holidays, and More Holidays! QQ about Valor!

Ah Fall is here. We've already had our Brewfest, Harvest fest and now Hallow's Eve! What a busy month. ( Why did we have the harvest festival happen in October? US-Turkey day is late November. Blizzard are you planning to mess with my month? A little something post-BlizzCon, hmmm?? ) Let's see where can I begin? Headless Horseman by LD Austin  (click image for video) Elkagorasa completed the ring quest chain, including killing Archimonde . He now has 2 (of 5?) statues set up in his garrison. Quest completed, I haven't stepped into a raid instance since. I still want to attempt a normal raid, but don't seem to have a lot of free time at night, so only quick stuff. My priest has hit 100! That was actually quite a non-event. She finished the first few quests in Nagrand, opening her outpost there and DING! Oh, I wasn't even really expecting it. From there, I tried my luck at the proving grounds. ONE SHOT! Couldn't even queue for heroic dungeons until

Feeling Lucky - September's Update

I ended the month of September by finishing off the legendary quest chain for Kahdgar. I now have my ring . It was a glorious time. I needed 3 more tomes, dropped into LFR Halls of Blood . Each of the three bosses dropped a tome. Lucky !? I now have my second statue in my garrison, following the 50,000 apexis crystal statue I put up all over the place. I've completed my stable dailies and have all of the mounts. Rebuilt that building now as a War Mill so I can get more follower upgrades. I am now getting the level 675 garrison missions weekly and would LOVE to get one of the 'normal HFC' drops that these missions provide. Sadly, I only have 1 follower who even qualifies. So, most of the time my success rate is around 83-85%. Speaking of HFC, I can agree with Grumpy about the lack of awesome gear drops. Oh, I've gotten some stuff, but then I've also gotten a lot of gold and those darn Intellect token "participation" trophy . Sadly, I keep getting t