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The Player's Dilemma

Good Witch Eride Headless Hunt Goblin Erknea Last week, I restarted playing my discipline priest . She had made it through the class hall quest and was simply sitting there at 101 with the shadow weapon. With the Hallow's End activities, I decided to dust off the cobwebs and play her through the Headless Horseman event. (YES after 10 years of continuous game play I still don't have the horseman's mount!!). This year the horseman is open to all players level 15(?) and above. I even had my horde hunter (27-> 28) run through it once. s boss instead of the head. I believe this is due to the /focus setting. I wanted this to set a focus so I could come back quicker after the head returned, but it's backfiring on this fight). After the dungeon, I decided to level her to 102, so that I could pickup the discipline artifact weapon. It was interesting in that it included heavy use of the levitate spell (to avoid fire on ground). As with Erlenmyer, I decide

October Update

Class mount for Elkagorasa - completed. I am actually more excited now that I've completed it than when I wrote about it during my  role-play post . I've purchased the non-green one from Calydus. I like the look better. Not sure I want the purple edition, but will probably grab it simply for completionism. I do like that there's a rune on the floor when summoning him. I haven't looked for the warlock cookie jar rune placement glyph , but I miss the fact that I used to have it.. If I ran with a succubus, I'd want this glyph . Side note, isn't there a glyph to make my paladin ' charger ' into a horse?? You know, when I hit Cavalry button and charge up on something?? The class mount of an elekk is interesting, but tiresome. Argus is completely opened up for 1 character and 95% opened up for hunter. That took about 4 hours on a Friday ( work  warcraft from home day). Warlock is about 50% completed with quest chain.  Of course, this reall