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Thank you for playing World of Workcraft!

Welcome noob, er, Student Assistant Elkagorasa! Your enthusiasm to defend the Help Desk from invading customer calls is noble. Please find your seat in cubicle space 2. You shall answer and close 200 calls with no customer complaints. orc laughing (ding!) Congrats, man! You've been promoted to Desktop! You'll find 200 boxes on the loading dock, containing brand-new workstations and monitors. Assemble and install the corporate desktop image on all 100 PCs before the end of the week. Yes, I know it's Wednesday at 5PM, you have a  problem with that?  Yeah, dropping my daughter off at elementary school this morning, she wished me fun on my World of Work craft! Like I can actually play games sitting in this cubicle farm. Geesh! At least I can blog.. So, yes, I have been playing more D3 than WoW as of late. I feel that some of the concepts implemented in D3 are easily transferable to the WoW environment. I've mentioned before, that I see how a very simplified ta

WoW InfoGraphics

As of recent, this blogger has started playing with . One of the items that always seems to come up in the Tech category are infographics. Long images that display many interesting and tedious tidbits about a topic. Here's one that I just saw on WoW (from 2010) and a second (very similar) from last year.. 

D3 vs WoW Talent Tree

Last night, along with probably a good portion of  you (ok, honestly sometime this week because it was midnight PDT when it started) fired up Diablo 3 and started playing through some clickity clickity battles. As a noob Diablo player, this was an interesting (albeit frustrating) interface. I kept running into issues during battles when I'd revert to WoW mode and attempt to move using the WASD keys. I am all for strafing using SHIFT+A and firing off spells from the button bar. Unfortunately, when I hit these keys, menus kept popping up during the Skeleton King fight. 4 wipes, so far. Aside from that, I think I see what Blizzard is attempting with the very simplified MoP Talent tree. If you haven't played Diablo before, (playing a witch doctor ) on my PC, mouse button 1 is my primary dps spell ( poison dart ), mouse button 2 is my long cool down spell ( grasp of dead ). My first new 'talent'  (@ level 4) came in the form of ' summon zombie dogs '; it gets pl

MOP Glyphs - This Could Have Been FUN!

There's a quest in the Panda 85+ zone where you walk to a cliff and bungee jump down to grab some items. My lock is on a PVP beta server and some Alliance Priest was sitting off to the side mind controlling people into jumping off the cliff. I lived, ported back to Home, then ran back and sent a few fireballs his way. It would have been nice to have this minor glyph (and been playing Demo and not Destro ). I could have simply flew down as a meteor!? This is a nice change for Blizzard. They kept saying they wanted to create 'fun' glyphs. Personally, much better than the Glyph of Voidwalker  which it's replacing. Are we going to see other spec's with equally fun or silly glyphs? Here's a few that I found: Feet of flame, float on water. Just don't stop, you'll sink Glyph of Burning Anger  - Warriors will spontaneously combust! Druids ... don't get me started on all their new forms to morph into (orca, stag, sparkle, treant)...  Slow fall

LFR + 1

In this lull time between the end of Cataclysm and the opening of MoP, a number of us are looking into other means to keep the game alive. I've started actively participating in arenas, but I've also signed up on a couple external Looking for Raid sites. These websites allow anyone to setup a raid and invite people to come along, without having to spam Trade channel. OpenRaid.US  - is still in beta, but based on my 'main' character selection, I get a nicely formatted message weekly. For example: Raids for Elkagorasa (not your preferred character? Change it via 'Characters') Firelands 10 HC 6/7 Sat 3 March 2012 @ 15:00 - 18:30 (servertime) An extreme raid doing heroic raids Clear all firelands boss in heroic difficulty with Ragnaros normal. Depending on the group, a weekl... Sign up now, there are still 3 spots left! *********************************************** ICC 25 HC full run Sat 3 March 2012 @ 15:00 - 17:00 (servertime) A social

See all three specs

feranho posted a link to his video running through the rotation for all three warlock specs. Thought you'd enjoy seeing it here. (Video publish 4/28/2012)