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Karazhan or Bust! (Part 1)

This weekend, " What Bombs at Midnight " stepped into our first mythic level dungeons. We did remarkably well on each of them, which really surprised us due to our gear score at start was an average i-level of 830. The Team: Day 1: Friday Day 2: Sunday ElPlato  - Tank Vyrial  - Healer Orlya Vànní Rys ElPlato  - Tank Vyrial  - Healer Orlya Vànní DarkFiberMan With the intention of Karazhan attunement, we started with Khadgar's quest the [ Edict of the God-King ]. Edict has you run Halls of Valor on mythic difficulty. As we've found out, mythic (or as those leet players would like to call, mythic+0), is not that different than a heroic dungeon. As their 6 of us, we had to run the dungeon two times, swapping out DPS. Our first attempt on included 4 wipes on Hymdall due to learning the dragon-flame mechanic, and 6 wipes on Odyn to learn the  stormforged obliterator  mechanic. The Day 2 run of Halls of Valor ended early (and 4 of us got no loot f

Too much good stuff

Return to Karazhan About a month ago, my co-worker mentioned he wanted to try the Karazhan dungeon. He and his wife hadn't played since reaching 100 in Warlords. Of course, Karazhan is going to be Mythic only (WHY??) so to play you have a few requirements.. 5-6 players so that we can run different mythics when someone is on vacation/sick, etc.. Same realm/faction as I believe that we can't cross-realm queue for mythics.  Approximately 830-845 gearscore for everyone. What does this mean? New toon, alliance New server New guild Alliance, because we have two additional co-workers that want to start running mythic dungeons. They are both alliance on a PVP server (remember my Hunter ?) and already geared rather decently in PVP gear. So in order to bring them along, we all needed to play alliance. Easy enough, Requirement 2, we play on a PVE server. Not as easy, but still not impossible.  Druid, Paladin, Shaman?? We have 6 players (two married couples (1&a