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Spring Update

Antorus I have seen all the bosses of Antorus at least once on my hunter. Paladin has seen 'most' in tank spec, with someone else taking over passed Kingaroth (skipped Coven and Varimatharas). DPS having a lower level of expectation, my hunter has made it all the way through (except for ... pug killer kingaroth). With that, I do have AOTC, via a friend-of-friend. He did a 'perky pugs' style raid run and pulled in a bunch of all-stars to help a few of us get the achievement. I did manage to pull some dps, just not the top of the charts, dps like others. This same friend, also worked with us to get some of the achievements towards [ glory of the argus raider ]. [Remember the Titans]  - CC one of each of the titans that spawn during coven fight. They picked the one wall opposite the stairs and CC'd the titan along that wall.  [ Hard to Kill ] - tanks simply triggered every single trap running across bridge. Take it slow enough that healers can top off. Don&#