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Protection Paladin Mage Tower Woahs

How I feel about Highlord's Return. I am STILL working on my protection paladin mage tower. I was actually really excited to hear that patch 8.0 did not drop today. No, it hasn't been super easy now that my weapon is overpowered. I am at roughly  70+  attempts, with 40 of those being in the last 3 days. I've read the guides, watched numerous videos, but I still can't seem to complete this challenge. (It would be my second  completed) At moment, I am running 946 item level and my artifact is overpowered to 136. I have the awesome Tyelca pants, but I don't have Sephuz's Secret like many guides suggest. This typically means that I have been not dying to health issues, but because of too many stacks of the aura (10 stacks hurt), flying off the platform or Velen not fighting off the horrors and dying. I've seen ~1% (i.e. 500k health on Kruul) ONCE! Your helper is released and does DPS the second phase and actually did 200k DPS after I died. Meaning,