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Karazhan 7 of 8

Over the last 2 weeks, we've made 2 attempts at Return to Karazhan. Two of our six are currently working to move into a new house, so we were short one DPS. We've brought along a non-guild friend, Shamwise, as our 3rd DPS. As a rather casual player, I only ran Karazhan the raid, only once, but the rest of the party was enjoying the nostalgia of the entire run. "I love the music in this place (opera hall)." "Oh look you can talk to the big-bad wolf and get him to say "Run! little girl run!". So far we've successfully downed 7 of the 8 bosses. Some of the bosses we've managed to one-shot, while other times, we died over and over to the trash. With the reset Tuesday (today), we'll have to start over again for a third time. Attempt One:  Start Friday, around 10PM local, complete Opera (westside story), Lots of  dancing, both by boss and team to avoid all the various spells they cast. So far, the corpse run is decent, but do-able. Mai