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The Adventures of Teddi the Pandaren - part 3

Last night, Teddi ported back to Orgrimmar to partake in the Mid-Summer Fire Festival celebration. He took a spin on the 'may-pole', did some torch tossing (putting the quest item on '2' on keyboard) and then ran a dungeon (while torch still on 2). With all of the festivities, plus monk buff, he managed (to my surprise) to ding 90 last night. (no banner, no 'welcome to draenor', no fanfare at all). The dungeon last night was a Cataclysm timewalker, Tol'vir . Nothing awesome dropped, but I did go turn in the quest for 500 TW badges. With this I picked up replacements for three items, each coming in at 483 gear score. Belt Ring 2 Bracers The belt has a nice, bronze buckle built in, so it might actually be a keeper in my pirate xmog. Overall the xmog is coming along nicely. The chest piece was relatively easy to pickup (at 88-89) as the quests were in Thousand Needles (level 40?). The hardest of them all was a 'firefighting' quest where you

Legion Priest Preview

Just spotted the Legion Tier preview for priests. IMHO, this is a great looking set. This reminiscent (personally) of the wrath set my priest is currently sporting as her xmog. Eride sporting Wrath Tier Blood Elf female is around 40 minutes in.

Pirate Pandaren:

Ever since Teddi equipped the Admiral's cap, I've been working to fit him out as a pirate. So far, it's been a matter of looking at the AH, for stuff that I 'think' looks pirate-y. Oh, look this bracers, or this chest piece. Boo. I had found the a chest piece at a vendor in town, only to find that it's not xmog-able. But of course. Then I went and started searching the AH, found a vest, and it's cloth and "can't be used to provide look for this item." Bleh. Wow Role Play Gear: Pirate 4  Back to Wowhead, I found a comment pointing over to . Over here they have 'builds', how hard it is to complete (BOE, crafting and some luck). With that I've fallen in love with " PIRATE IV ', an alliance only (OMG REALLY?!) set posted back in 2012. The centerpiece of this set is the chest, Knightbane Carapace . Problem being it's a rogue class chest, so there's a different model for the horde vs the all

The Adventures of Teddi the Pandaren p2

Teddi continues his adventures in Azeroth, trying to reach 100 before Legion drops. Last night was the first time in about a week that Teddi ventured out of Orgrimmar. His compatriots have logged in to repost auction items and spin the garrison gold wheel. Looking at a little over 30k gold just doing this weekly. It's nice to finally be fluid in the game again. Tempted to have a guildie build me the mechano-hog, but then again.. Teddi has reached 83 now (oddly armory hasn't caught up from last night's game play). Found a tank and healer that kept queueing up for random dungeons; we ended up doing about 6 dungeons. At 81, I was prompted by a fellow DPS for the ' monk buff '. ?? I hadn't realized that it was a thing, even a thing that I could do. I had always assumed the monk buff (bong bong) was a Brewmaster thing. Teddi ( Armory ) at level 80 Looking at existing armory, I realized that 1) I need to upgrade the heirloom agility ring. It's currently