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August Update - 120 i304

Questing It's hard to believe that it's been already three weeks into this new expansion. During this time, I've managed to complete enough of the questing to open up world quests. I've gone back to finish the Drustvar quest chain to completion, having killed the end-boss. Now on to Stormsong and Tiragarde. Wowhead Attunement calculator Wowhead Flying calculator The contract is coming in fairly nicely. I've been running with the Order of Ember's contract (note they don't expire, so don't buy hundreds of them like I did). I get 10 rep with each and every world quest (i think only in kul tiras, not zandalar wq). So on some quests completion, I am getting three different reps (tortollan, storms watch and order of embers). At the moment, I am 85% of the way through honored to revered with the faction. This is after completing this zone, and two emissary boxes, plus running a contract since hitting 120. I'll probably change to a 7th Legion contr

Off Topic - Roblox: Mining Simulator

When not playing video games with his friends, my son asks me to play games with him all the time. Since we don't have 2 blizzard accounts, we've been playing other games. Our latest is the Roblox: Mining Simulator . Roblox is a sandbox platform that you can use to build other games on top of. Roblox and the games are typically free but have many in-game purchasable items. Mining Simulator is a simple mining type game where you're objective is to get rich. Easy. You start off with a simple pickaxe and a small 10-slot backpack. There is a patch of dirt where you can mine down in 3D, there is a shop who sells equipment and a vendor who auto buys all ore in your bags. As you run back and forth between the mine and the auto-sell vendor, you will accumulate gold. Use the gold to buy a better tool and larger bags. Perks : Hats - Hats range in quality (common -> rare -> legendary). When worn, they will give you perks that include mining speed, ore (resale) value

The Warbringers

Battle for Azeroth is already looking to be a rather contentious expansion. Jaina, Sylvanas and even Queen Azshara are all getting videos to show a little of their backstories. These videos are intended to give their side of why they are involved in this 'battle'. I will give my thoughts on the videos (one still unreleased) and some background based on my experience. (Yes, this could mean spoilers if you haven't read Before the Storm  (BtS) or seen Nobbel's summary here ). With these videos, I liken these leader's actions to the seven deadly sins . Jaina is wrath.   She feels like the rest of the Alliance leaders are ignoring the recent deceit of the Horde. We saw this in her first outburst when Khadgar wanted to invite the Horde back to Dalaran. It's hinted at in BtS when she talks to Kalegos in that she's actively trying to deal 'things'. Her video points to her supposedly naivete to the horde's brutish nature. Her father had war