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Have you done much PVP in MoP?

Last expansion, I loved PVP. I was the healer in a 3-man arena group, the Backpedaling Clickers . We weren't that bad. If I remember correctly, last season we reached around 1800 area rating. Our worst problem, I am west coast and the two pallys are east coast. I'd just be getting home from work, when they were headed to bed. This expansion, with DPS so easy to get into a dungeon, my priest is still sitting in mostly PVE gear. I'd rather have the easy  job of blowing stuff up instead of having to deal with keeping the DPS alive. So, how is PVP this expansion? I see Blizzard is bringing out 2 new PVP instances with the 5.3 expansion. Fun? Not worth it? Need more discipline healers!?

Elk Heart Bad Robot Pet!

Blizzard announced last Friday (19th) a new pet coming in a 'future' expansion. This awesome little robot will be an engineering pattern so start collecting your mats engineers. I see futures in the robot market. Question, is he going to be child-sized, like the argent crusade helper or smaller like the Lil Smoky ? Personally, I am hoping more child like. (Note: Blogger doesn't like <3 in the title, so it may caused some odd cross posts.)

Tagging Phased Major Nanners

Major Nanners is a rare spawn elite that sits on the border between the Valley of Four Winds and Kun Lai Summit. He sits on the edge of a pond and would disappear when I got close to the pond (still haven't done many quests in area.) . I tried a number of times to agro him using my FelGuard, but couldn't keep him hooked. Nanners also has 3 corporals standing next to him and you can easily drag a few along when you get him. Nanners can be seen down in chat window. I found that if I sent my voidwalker to the edge of the cliff. I could then (CTRL+1) tell him to attack Nanners. Let him agro, then tell him to return to me. When he was within spell range, tell my voidwalker to attack and keep him at a distance. We made 2 attempts, first time Nanners brough along one more, we killed the corporal, but not Nanners before he killed us. Run back to corpse, avoid giant bananarang and successfully kill him! Sadly, nothing fun dropped off him. Video

On the Hunt for Green Fire (no spoilers)

Last night Elk officially started his hunt for green fire. Unlike Amijade , I didn't suffer the RNG gods, running around Thunder Island for weeks hoping the Tome  drops. Instead (lucky me), the tome dropped on the auction house for an absolute steal of 1300g . 30 seconds to swap to my auction house toon, transfer 500g over, and it was all MINE! Woot! Impressions so far. Sneaking through the laser security system Nice bit of lore. The reading (and it's copious) uncovers some of the behind the scenes to how warlocks got our MoP spell improvements.  Class specific. This quest line has me using warlock spells that I haven't used since the novelty ran out. I just ran through a maze of traps using my all seeing eye.   It's not easy. When I ran through the Battered Hilt quest chain, it was rather easy. I am at the first big 'boss' fight and have died officially 3 times. There MUST be some warlock spell I need to cast on this dude to kill him off. I am

Elk is on FIRE!

Last night, I decided to swap to my destro spec and try it out again. I played a full gamut,  (i.e. scenario -> dungeon -> LFR - Thunder) and was quite surprised by a few things. First off, because of soul leech  and chaotic energy , I was seldom below 80% health or 50% mana at any time. Sure, I tried soul leech on my demo spec, but I so seldom cast Fel Flame or Soul Fire  (once per rotation). During the LFR, I would end most fights with full health and full mana. I hadn't reforged for Destro yet, so maybe my Demo gear was heavy spirit loaded? Second the rotation was a lot easier. Demo is all about watching the cool downs. Wild Imps is off CD, fire it off. Corruption is about to drop, recast. Destro for the most part, felt like I was spamming Incinerate until I could cast a Chaos Bolt . It went something like: CoE Immolate Conflag Inc, Inc, Inc Conflag Inc, Inc, Inc Fel Flame (refreshes immolate) DS: Instability (as I should have 4 embers by now) Chaos Bo

Horridon the Horrible

Horridon is the second boss in the LFR segment of "Last Stand of the Zandalari". You know, the giant triceratops boss, that opens doors to waiting (?) trolls who attack you mercilessly. I attempted this boss three time the other night on the LFR and was saddened to find complete failure all three attempts. I had watched this prep video and found the lack of actual game play nice because it simplified the raid to pure mechanics. Jin'rokh was fairly easy. I think we had only one death. The trash before Horridon was interesting with the wind mechanic, making the run a bit of an obstacle course.  I believe based on raid chat, our issue with Horridon was one of our healers was on /follow. Happily, I am almost Friendly with the Shado-Pan Assault . After I finally down Horridon, I should be able to pickup some shiny i522 bracers , a new ring  and a trinket ; just need another 4000 valor. :] Haven't been in this situation for awhile.

Closing in on DO Revered

Last night after running my scenario-dungeon-raid run, I decided to work on opening the Shado Pan areas. (There's a rare that npcscan keeps finding in the area bordering HalfHill that I can't kill because of phasing). Along the way, I picked up a quest that granted me (combined) about 600 Dominance Offense rep. Looking at WowHead , I see there are 44 non-daily quests that grant DO rep. There are some interesting quest lines hidden here under the "Pandaren Campaign" catergory. For example, there appears to be a defunct series of quest that involve finding Thrall . The comments all are listed as "Out of Date", so I am wondering if this quest line even exists in production? If not, maybe it will be used to further the 5.3 story-line? Update: OR, I just needed to go back to the Dominance Offense front and find it. Picked it up, found Thrall in the Orc starting area and then slaughtered a ton of Kor'koran.

WoW 1.0 Alpha Screenshots

WoW Insider linked to some classic screenshots from Warcraft. Orgimmar has changed a lot over the years, but I don't remember this view of town. The land bridge was never in the town that I visited. That was the bank, and had the one mailbox in town was right near there. I don't know about you, but I keep finding myself trying to move around the view.