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Daily Grind

With all my Brewfest achievements completed and I got my elek , it's back to the daily grind. One note, it's saddening to fly around with guildies now that have their violet proto drakes . The 30% speed increase over my regular-epic mount makes me feel so slow.. Even the druids in flight form fly faster. QQ Argent Tourney dailes are more enjoyable now with my new video card. I can actually do the melee portion of the fights and win. I was able to successfully get exalted with Thunder Bluff last night. Picked up the 6 kodo mounts available in Mulgore. ( 39/50 mounts). 7 more available for Silvermoon , then potential for 11 more for through the Argent Champion dealers . The Hodir dailies, while quick ( Immolate + Conflagerate = 2 seconds to dead), are tiresome, but stil necessary (only revered). Guess I need to find a tabard, or maybe run more regular dungeon dailies . Sort of looking forward to Halloween , so that I have a definite reason to logon. Last holiday till I g

Dead Man's Party

Trying to find out when the Day of the Dead ( Nov. 2nd ) actually was, I found the holiday interesting. Unlike Halloween, which has turned into a commercial candy and costume venture, Day of the Dead is much more joyful, yet realistic. The holiday is the one day when it's easiest to communicate with the dead. The holiday is not supposed to be mournful. People celebrate this day by bringing flowers, food, gifts to cemeteries. They remember the departed in fun and humorous ways, tell stories, make up poems, and humorous pictures. If Blizzard wanted to expand into non-US focused holidays. This one could present an interesting twist.


With a patch dropping in the middle of Brewfest this year... wait, one dropped last year and we got achievements.. anyway, this year, Brewfest has been well, blah. Ok, sure, my first run through a series of Coren Direbrew kills, I did get the Mithril Pocketwatch . Procs with a "Now is the time.." buff seemingly once every fight! This has all the same settings as the Sundial of the Exiled , which is really hard to get now that bosses don't drop Heroism badges. Followed by a mount drop, which I lost. Blah. My second run was rather depressing, I had the same Egg dropped 5 times, one for each team member. This was also the time that I learned the Coren quest was not repeatable. No 40 extra tokens for me, guess I'll have to earn them the hard way, dailies .Blah. Got back to Orgrimmar to find the Direbrew dwarves attacking and that none of the steins were hitting. Blah! With that said, I have 190 of the 300 brewfest tokens necessary for the Brewmaster achievement. I am

Free upgrades

After running Wintergrasp a few times, I have noticed that my honor points were not increasing. There appears to be a point cap at 75,000 honor points . Running into the Hall of Legends in Orgimmar, I looked at the various upgrades I could purchase. I found that for half my honor points, I could easily purchase a new i226 level belt , replacing my older one . Speaking of Wintergrasp, the other day, the T9 gloves dropped in a VOA run and I was the lucky winner with a 91/100 roll.

What gems?

I just got my new Tier-8 helm and was wondering what to gem it out with. Using my old helm , I knew I had enjoyed the chaotic skyflare diamond , but what to put in the blue gem slot ? My new helm, lost some of my hit, so now I am not quite hit capped, so? maybe something with a +HIT aspect? That's when I stumbled upon " Armory Data Mining ". This site boasts a recent run down of the wowarmory to see what everyone else is using. Evidently, 46% of the destruction warlock builds are using my same meta gem. Looking at the stats on this site, it appears that I should have gone with the Purified Dreadstone , instead of the Glowing . Thinking about this, my Fel Armor , gives me a spell power bump based on spirit. Guess, I'll be regemming.

I haz DPS!

Friday afternoon, between doing nothing and watching my kids, I decided to install Windows 7 RC (64-bit) on my workstation. This is an upgrade in many ways from the Vista MC 32-bit release I had been running. This upgraded now allows Windows to use my entire processor, and not just half of it. Now I could potentially run 8gb of RAM, up from my current 3gb. The biggest issue I had with the upgrade, is that it pointed out a failure with my video card. Immediately after the OS finished installing, my system rebooted, and started beep-beep-beeping. It would then fail and sit at a black screen. No BIOS, no Winders, nothing. First pass, I thought maybe Windows 7 didn't support my computer for some reason, or I had a lose bit of hardware. So I popped off the case and re-seated my video adapter and ram, and removed the TV tuner card and modem from the PC (who uses modems anyway?? it came standard). 3 go around and no response. I let it set until the next morning, despondent, I buttoned up

RU an over achiever too?

I am not a full time warcraft player. Sometimes I can find a group to raid, run instances or even the regular group quest. Since my play schedule is so irregular though, it is not easy, outside the pug. This leads me to running the achievement circuit. I currently only have 398/978 possible achievements. One add-on that I've found invaluable lately is Overachiever . This addon integrates into a number of your regular screens to make achievement tracking easier. Focus on a mob, like a critter or rare NPC, and it will tell you if you need to love or kill it. (pest control, for all the squirrels, rare). Shields are displayed in your cooking interface to show which recipes you need to complete "and so much more... " (in TV sales ad voice). I haven't had much luck, but I've also installed NPCScan . This add-on is supposed to popup an alert when one of the rare NPC's is within target range. Sort of like spamming a /tar macro, but it uses the character cache. So fa