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Legion You MESSED UP MY ...

I recently subscribed to " Taliesin & Evitel Do Games " on youtube. The video that started it all was Taliesin's video "5 Things We'll Miss About Warlords when Legion Comes." This got me thinking about things that I already miss from prior to 7.0. So far, my biggest complaint is the disappearance of the dual-spec option. Excuses like "Sorry I can't play a healer, I only have DPS and Tank build".  No longer, can I queue up with my druid for dps, and hope that I'll get to play DPS through the entire dungeon/lfr. Now, if the tank or healer drops, there's a chance that everyone will look to the hybrids to help finish the dungeon. I am not sure I can handle the pressure. Even my priest is considering sitting in the stables so that she doesn't have to heal?! Ok, Discipline looks fun, maybe it won't be so bad. Alternate PVP Builds Speaking of my Disc Priest, I had a lot of fun playing PVP one day a week, then going o

The Importance of Being Human

I've been having a long (140 characters at a time) conversation with Goldy (aka @ BFSTINMG ) about Blizzard's new " Silence System ". This system will 'silence' users who abuse text chat in the game. If they get reported for spam or abuse multiple times, they will get an account wide silence penalty. This penalty will range from 24 hours for the first incidence, doubling for each additional incident. Goldy's comment on Twitter was why can't they automate this? This is way too complex of a system. Seeing some tweets regarding the silence system, and wondering what are the majority of the situations this is trying to correct? — Goldy in Legionland (@BkfstinMG) July 21, 2016 As a fairly avid PVP/LFR player, I can think of several times that people have become abusive. That random BG, where you have one player bashing everyone for their 'terrible DPS' or lack of healing, etc.. That dungeon late at night, where someone playing drunk o

So Long and Thanks for All the Apexis Crystals

Tomorrow begins the end of Warlords and brings about those big, new expac changes that we think we want until they happen. Who ELSE isn't ready for the #Legion pre-patch tomorrow? 😂 ... 😔 #Warcraft — Binni♥ (@BinniWoW) July 18, 2016 Get ready for the hashing out of things disappearing from your bags (and going into your xmog closet), your mailbox filling up or emptying out, the auction house markets will stagnant and all those snazzy add-ons that we use for managing them will break! Get ready for a rebalance of your raid team. Discipline priests are going to be hit hard with a new rotation. Demonology warlocks will need to learn how to DPS without a demon form. Rogues will now use pistols so hopefully they have one in their bags. Survival hunters that fight with swords, not pets. How about the option of changing specs with each and every fight?! Hybrids can pretend their playing Overwatch swapping between Mercy, D.Va and Tracer. Gear is go