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WoW Idle Thoughts

At some point in the next patch, the Battle for Azeroth is going to change to the Battle for Azeroth . The faction war/race for claiming the lifeblood of the planet will flip into reviving the planet as we fight for its very existence. We'll use the power of friendship and cooperation, to hug the planet back to life. Power of Friendship I wanted to really like the warfronts. I had grand visions from Blizzcon 2017 slides . I imagined them like a PVE BG. Dynamic, interactive and always playable. Instead, I got frustration where I couldn't queue for them for a month (as Alliance) with no real way of knowing how long until I would participate. When are ALL dungeons going to get a blue circle on the map? I shouldn't need to use an addon, or WoWhead to find an old dungeon when the same technology is available for later expac dungeons. Speaking of dungeons,  WOD  Timewalking is now a thing. Since there were only 8 dungeons will all of them become part of the rotat