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May Update (Kara's End, Questing and Mythic + dungeons).

We've completed Karazhan, multiple times over now. Last week, we managed to work on killing the 40 spiders for Clearing out the Cobwebs  (while helping our pugged DPS get the shard in Servant's quarters) for one player and I picked up Little Red's cape . Sadly, with Karazhan completed, I can see the end coming very soon. Our healer is getting harder and harder to keep engaged. He's way behind on the achievements required for flying. Since 7.2, he's having a harder time surviving during fights in both healer and tank spec (monk), so behind the curve on gear. Finally, he hasn't completed the Suramar quest chain, so Arcway is still locked out for him. I've achieved flight! With that I bought my first WoW token as I saw the Vial of the Sands on sale for 98k gold (i.e. 2,000g less than I sold token for). I was a little frustrated by the token sale. I bet this is due to the changes in tokens, but it seemed overly complicated. Go to WoW store in-game, b