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Two Sides to Every Warlock

After seeing the [ Two Sides to every Tale ] achievement and mounts, I found that I had completed the Alliance side of the story on my hunter and about half done with my horde character. After reaching 120 on Elkagorasa, I had stopped doing the quest chain. This left about 4 hours of questing in Zulduzar to do, concluding with those war quests that lead up to the Battle of Dazaralor. This reminded me of how much fun I've enjoyed playing a warlock. While Blizzard was having a sale on their services, I was NOT tempted to simply faction change Elkagorasa to an Alliance. So, I spun up a void elf warlock. Elgorana was boosted to 110 and I've been leveling her the last few days. To speed up leveling I purchased a few heirloom armor upgrades. I figured since I'd be replacing my azerite pieces quickly, so I purchased upgrades for cloth pants, cloak, rings and trinkets. I also purchased the Int 2-handed staff upgrade. Unfortunately, AMR never really liked the trinkets as