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Not gone, still here

Checking this blog, I noticed that I hadn't posted anything in over 6 months now. So how about a quick update to dust things off.  In all the (14+) years, I've played WoW there are actually a couple of classes that I've never played and even more that have never made it to max level. While under the Winds of Wisdom  buff, I've decided to play through a few of the other classes.  First off was to finish leveling a paladin on my current server. Eraalii (in honor of friend's mage "Oh Really? Ya") was a fun class to go back and revisit. She was my BFA boost and my first allied race (light forged draneii). I had forgotten how much fun tanking was, especially while wearing all heirlooms in those early dungeons. " Hold on let me pull a large pack, we got this ".  Next, I finally gave in to the aesthetic of the Worgen heritage armor and leveled a Worgen mage. Erleoniance  (the random name generator gave me that one, "Erl" + "brilliance&quo