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Prot Pally Tank LFW

El Plato  ElPlato@Kul Tiras-US Alliance Kul Tiras-US Protection Paladin  Artifact weapon level 71 (atm, and still improving).  Ashbringer is in 60's.   ~933 average iLevel, with AskMrRobot approved gear set. Will have at least 1 legendary item upgraded by end of week. #19 Protection Paladin on Kul Tiras-US, per WowProgress Currently running Mythic+8/9 with 2 guild members. We think we could push 12-15 if we had last 2 dps slots filled.  Objective:  Complete Antorus raid on normal or better with dedicated group of players. Looking for a team who raid between 10PM and midnight PST . Positive Traits: Good humored, easy going player. Often the quiet on vent because youngest is sleeping immediately upstairs from me.  Will learn fights, picks up quickly and won't stand in fire, unless it's part of mechanic (KJ). Blogger, so I am constantly researching tactics for boss fights.  Not afraid of addons, including a  Patreon of DBM. So interrupts, taunts and s

Say EHLO to My New Discipline Priest

It's that time of year again...  PS EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE! No!.. It's that time of year again for ...  Mall Christmas Decorations? No!!!, leveling alts..  With Hallow's Eve, I went back to my level 101 Discipline priest and started playing her again. In #Warcraft , playing my disc priest through the discipline artifact weapon quest.Thought this was festive. — Elkagorasa@Home (@elkagorasa) October 20, 2017 It was a bit selfish, but I saw that lower level toons could also participate in the Headless Horseman fights. I figured why not enjoy the instant queue of healing along with potential drop of the horseman's mount. (still no luck). At 105, I stopped leveling her to 110, and spun up a new character. First try: Super Dude Epedemi - Male HUMAN Priest. I have only played 2 male (max level) characters (warlock and hunter), and thought it would be fun to play a male draneii. Brother to ElPlato? He got to level 9 a

TMI Raiding

A concept idea for blog post. Trying to translate the WoW game into RL. Taking into account that all magic and current character abilities are given *("Magical healing is impossible", prot pally shield is not a boomerang).  To Much Information about Raiding. What a 20 man raid may be like in RL. Instead of just the twenty heroes, each would have an apprentice or squire carrying that extra gear, food and tools for repair gear. After some fights, you will need repairs, not just after a certain resilience level. Plate armor doesn't magically unbend. You could have a crushed chest plate. Not to mention your sword broke? Burnt cloth armor holes? Bathroom breaks. Eat drink urinate. Fighting would be exhausting. Not just when YOU need to go to bed, but you'd need to sleep after a certain number of fights. the more you play the more you'd build up more stamina and could fight longer. Clipping. Arms reach between heroes please.  No bumping into each other dur

Blizzcon Warcraft highlights via Twitter!

See what's coming in World of Warcraft: #BattleForAzeroth ! 🔎 — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) November 3, 2017 Clothies unite, soon we'll be able to xmog into plate gear! (Alex called it a battle mage) Here are you new races!!! 😱 #BlizzCon #BattleForAzeroth — Lex @ #BlizzCon (@Lex_Lopez) November 3, 2017 Check out blizzard store for more options soon.. Playable Naga 8.1 I swear...I'm sorry but I can't unsee this. Ever. — Khayllys (@Khayllys) November 3, 2017 Horde always knew that Jaina is the a frost mage? THEY JUST ANNOUNCED CLASSIC VANILLA SERVERS FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. OH MY GOD — Chance Morris (@Sodapoppintv) November 3, 2017 Warlock soulstone bags and riding crops soon make a come back in the market . Today was wonderful for a whole bunch of reasons, but this was the