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Dragon High Flying

My first Dragon Flight update. Tuesday routine:  Check Great vault for my M+ item.   Pick up Catalyst quest  Pick up fill-the-bar 'aiding the accord' quest. Pick up weekly event quest (as long as not pvp, or pet battles).  Pick up profession quests (there are about 4), 2 from trainers, 2 from the Artisan's Consortium(?) Pick up and turn in mettle quest. Pick up 2 rep relic quests (turn in titan relics while there) Pick up the elemental shard quest Find and kill the world boss See if Storm's event is going on (this week world boss is in the primal future so 2-fer). Check timing on the 'fill-the-bar' community item (hunt this week), while flying out to say hi to Sabellian (already buds with Wrathion). Farm key fragments for 1 key. Turn in any totems, titan relics, etc that were saved from last week. Immediately closing that fill-the-bar quest. Repeat with alt, and the catalyst quest will complete.  Refresh a contract for free 100 rep!? None of my characters are ex