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July Status Update

Just a quick update... Vacations are complete. At least I think so; my wife may have other ideas. 4 days amidst the crowded Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration should be enough for any family.. :) It was a lot of fun and we still managed to get on a lot of rides.. It's all just a matter of planning out your tickets so you're always waiting on another "FastPass". Cinderella's Castle taken with my cell phone I've managed to complete part two of the legendary quest chain. All 125 abrogator stones collected. It was 2am in the morning, but I still ran over completed the quest chain. The next portion with having to collect 900 fragments sounds absolutely outrageous. Hopefully the drop rate is better than 1-5 per boss.  Warcraft movie is previewed at ComicCon. Some guy isn't interested because it's heavily CGI. Too bad there are no orcs that they could have used for filming.  Update: Just saw this on Legendary's Facebook.. So

Mobile Auction House

More than once, I've been sitting at work, wishing that I could comment on a Blizzard post. If I only had my authenticator, I could comment on ...  But, since, I use a physical authenticator, and it sits on my desk at home, I am typically resigned to passive participation (or blogging about something on the side). Today, I noticed something new! For kicks, I clicked on the logon link to connect to the site (I wanted to vote in the BMAH poll ) and I noticed a new drop down option, SMS Protect . Selecting this sent a text to my registered cell phone with an authenticator code. :) Not a very good photoshop Now I was able to participate in the poll. Yes I seldom have enough gold to even participate in the Black Market Auction House. Speaking of Auction House, now that I am able to logon from work, I can actually access the remote auction house!. Checking my bank alt, I see she has approximately 50 items that expired last Sunday and could be relisted. Click 'Relist'

Pathfinder Progress

Over the weekend, I only had a couple hours to play. Mostly the kids are adjusting to summer vacation hours, so they're not getting in bed until rather late at night. This left me only about 2-3 hours a few days to play. :-| I worked on my Draenor Pathfinder achievement prerequisites. Securing Draenor : As of Friday, I had 3 remaining bonus objectives to complete. I grabbed the the scouting missions from my QM and queued them all up. The hardest, IMHO, was Shattrath Harbor . This zone had a number of 101-102 elites that would dismount me when trying to run out of there. I wanted to run as I was also working on my Explore Talador and  treasures collection (64:100).  Draenor Loremaster : I made no progress with the  Arak storyline. ATM, I have only completed 3 of the storylines. I feel that when I complete these quests, the exploration will fall into place.  Reputation : I realized that I hadn't opened up tier-3 on my trading post . This tier increases your reputatio