The Adventures of Teddi the Pandaren

Previously on The Adventures of Teddi, he was 80% completed with Vanilla content, just about to start working through BC. In all heirloom gear, plus the "Enlightenment" bonus, he was getting 1.8 levels per dungeon. He was considering running as a brewmaster tank.

Leveling is still going extremely fast. It's going at about 30 minutes per level, solely running dungeons (and waiting in queue). Teddi has managed to reach level 75 and just picked the level 75 talent and equipped a level 75 glyph.

Ran a few timewalking dungeons with Teddi. They have one advantage of providing about triple the XP for low level toons (30k vs 10k) per dungeon completion. It was fun running with a bunch of 100s and to see how many people were hanging out in Shattrath.
Sadly, Cupri (BC TW vendor) didn't really have any upgrades for me. Except for a single belt, her gear was either unnecessary (compete with heirloom gear), or was toys/mounts that weren't relevant. Checking Mr Robot, it looks like Kiatke, the Cataclysm timewalking vendor, will be my best bet. She has an agility ring, belt and bracers! Looks like it last came around week of April 15th. I still don't understand. Are they on a predictable schedule? Are they random? Here are the options, with only 4-5 weeks in a month, this doesn't leave a lot of space. I guess that makes it one TW series a month, with one each of the others..  Guessing, June will be Wrath TW, Pet battle, Mythic Warlords and Apexis crystals.

  • Pet battle (April Week 1; May Week 4)
  • Apexis Crystal (April Week 3)
  • Timewalking BC  (May Week 1)
  • Timewalking Wrath
  • Timewalking Cataclysm (April Week 2)
  • Battlegrounds (May Week 2)
  • Arena (May Week 0)
  • Mythic Warlords (April week 0; May Week 3)

I learned that you can enchant heirloom shoulders and pants! Previously, I complained that you couldn't apply the enchant until reaching level 85. Trick is ANY level 85+ can apply the enchant! (duh!) My co-worker had her main apply the enchants, then mail it to her new alt. Since heirloom is BOA, she could even mail it cross-realm if need be.

"Dots for U" has enchanted shoulders and legs, despite level cap.
Otherwise, I haven't been playing WoW much. I still need to complete the legendary ring quest on three toons (priest, druid and hunter). The priest is closest with 15 of the 30 tomes required for the last quest step.


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