Dragon High Flying

My first Dragon Flight update.

Tuesday routine: 

  1. Check Great vault for my M+ item.  
  2. Pick up Catalyst quest 
  3. Pick up fill-the-bar 'aiding the accord' quest.
  4. Pick up weekly event quest (as long as not pvp, or pet battles). 
  5. Pick up profession quests (there are about 4), 2 from trainers, 2 from the Artisan's Consortium(?)
  6. Pick up and turn in mettle quest.
  7. Pick up 2 rep relic quests (turn in titan relics while there)
  8. Pick up the elemental shard quest
  9. Find and kill the world boss
  10. See if Storm's event is going on (this week world boss is in the primal future so 2-fer).
  11. Check timing on the 'fill-the-bar' community item (hunt this week), while flying out to say hi to Sabellian (already buds with Wrathion). Farm key fragments for 1 key.
  12. Turn in any totems, titan relics, etc that were saved from last week. Immediately closing that fill-the-bar quest.
  13. Repeat with alt, and the catalyst quest will complete. 

Refresh a contract for free 100 rep!? None of my characters are exalted with anything yet. 

There are places in Valdrakken that allow you to get very high, use these before attempting to fly to far-off places. The catalyst location is one I always need help with. Taking the elevator to where the aspects are is an easy one, but there's also one over by the elemental shard quest giver. 

Valdrakken @36.32 30.04

DF MDI - Someone in a guild dungeon last night asked about what we thought about 0 m+ affixes? What would this look like? If no extra mechanics, does that mean stricter timers? T&E mentions it here.

XMOG- wear something in every slot, and xmog it to blank if you don't want it to show. That way, when you want it to show, it's already available. I like the [wound dressing] as a shirt slot item. It's for sale in Dalaran 'hospital' for a few gold. Tabards are available all over your capital cities, so pick one you like. 

Take a few moments and do nothing in Dragon Isles. I watched as a family of beavers made a dam along one of the rivers. Spent 15 minutes just floating around on the boat where you rescue the tuskar kite. Found a few drinkable beverages, and your toon sunbathes if you click on the beach blankets. 

Noah Scribeson reading his
risque book in public.

Start the week off doing the pre-quests for this Bob Ross-themed quest chain. To complete the quest, you will need to run 7 dungeons in all. Three (Brackenhide, Ruby Life Pools and, Nokhud), then talk to NPC, then four more (halls, academy, Azure Vault and Neltharus). Yes, I can confirm that they do drop on M+ editions. 

Alts - I now have a couple max level alts. I've been trying to mix it up a little, having my main do the storyline, but alts take different routes. Druid is mostly doing hunts. Mage did dungeons. Paladin (bank) is doing the profession quests and the holiday events (tanking valentines dungeon). 

Speaking of, make sure to at least log into any alts that you plan to level to max. This will make sure they start gathering rested bonus. Here's my "RESTED" macro:

/script p="player";x=UnitXP(p);m=UnitXPMax(p);r=GetXPExhaustion();if -1==(r or -1)then t="No rest."else t="Rest: "..(math.floor(20*r/m+0.5)).." /30 bbls ("if r+x<m then t=t..r else t=t.."level +"..(r+x-m)end t=t.."XP)"end;DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(t)

"Rest: 30/30 bbls (level+176680XP)"

Not loving the DF profession system. Some level soo slowly. I feel so far behind on recipe acquisition. There is no good way for me to compete in the marketplace. Druid is max-level skinning but only has about a dozen points in any specialization. Wasted a ton of resources on phial experimentation, to seldom discover items. I would have done better creating one of every recipe for the knowledge points. 

I miss the skillet addon. Yes, I see it's been revived, but not 100% in love with the new version. (It's crashing a bit still). The beauty of this add-on is that it queues the entire recipe. For example, if you want to make an engineering recipe, skillet will queue the bolts, springs and gear components that you don't have in bags. It will provide a shopping list for what you need to purchase. Then when you're ready, you click a button and it will create each item in order. 

Speaking of professions, check out this. It contains all the known treasures to drop knowledge items. Also, check the consortium quartermaster, I found a couple books on sale for resources giving many knowledge points. 

When I get a quest to complete 2 or 3 (profession) contracts. I find the cheapest recipe my crafter can make and have my bank order multiples of that. 3 bolts of cloth? coming up! 

Hunter got THE bow in LFR. One of two hunters in the raid and the other had M+13 level gear on. My hunter just reached the i-level (359) to even get into LFR. Felt bad winning, but shouldn't. Could my hunter with 359 main-hand even trade away a 392 bow? I've xmogged that bow to hide the appearance. 

Trying the TikTok 'side-hustle' of selling PrintIfy t-shirts on Etsy. I thought a shirt with WoWAnalyzer phrases would be funny, so I grabbed some clipart and made this. I have no plans to retire soon from sales. Been playing around with Bing (AI) chat for other ideas, and trying to spin up images using MidJourney. I have a few designs that I like, but MidJourney images require a subscription and the basic model is $9/month. So, maybe once I get a few more images I love, I'll pursue that. 

Dying has a significant
performance cost.

The cooking event has gotten better with 10.0.5, but man that's a chaotic mess. 

Going to try doing more of this short-form posts going forward. I know I've said that before. Let's see if I can continue. 


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