Warlock'n the Brawlers Guild!

Elkagorasa was getting a little bored waiting for his turn. Esha-this, druid-that. Just left this 'lock bored and frustrated. So frustrated that when he finally got his chance at the Brawler's, he blasted the Bruce, then Vian, Goredome and Vishas all within a few seconds. The only thing slowing down Elk was the line. Fight, win, requeue, wait for 2 other players, repeat.

2 days later, Elk ran back to the fight hall late at night and found no one else there. Empty! Hey Boss, get me a fight! Rank 2, done. Rank 3, done. Rank 4, done... The only fight that Elk had to do twice was Ixx because he stood in front of him and his Devastating Thrust.

Now he is up to Yikkan Izu. This evil bird has been the first real challenge. Sort of like the giant baby head in the Green Fire quest line, he spawn lots of adds ( 4 at a time) who do decent damage. Something I still haven't mastered on the other quest either..
This large crow thing has one annoying thing about him - adds. 4 of them are present at start, and he periodically summons more. You wish to kill those adds as soon as possible, since they do deal pretty high damage. But watch out - if Yikkan sees more then 5 of his fallen kin at once, he enrages, which almost means a game over. Therefore, always make sure if he won't go nuts before killing off the adds. (source)
 I believe he spawns new adds every 8 seconds so killing them is the priority. Or maybe just nuke him down as quickly as possible, firing off all the CDs (got like 5 self-heals if I use them) with food buff, potion, 2 minions, etc.. Elk's gotta win!

Elk is working on his legendary quest line and gathering those darn Secrets (got 7 out of 20). He queues up for 6 LFR raids, (all 3 ToT that grant secrets except for Durumu) and first 2 SoO plus Garrosh fight, then enters the arena for 30 minutes while the DPS queue ticks away. If he can get passed Yikkan, maybe it's time to try again at the Green fire quests..


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