MoP Warlock Destro Play Changes

Back in Wrath, I converted from my beloved Affliction to Destruction. As with many, I jumped when running Wrath dungeons was just too painful due to the slow ramp up DOT DPS and tanks wanting to go light-speed through. From what I remember from Wrath, play-style was rather monotonous: Curse, Corruption, Immolate, Conflagerate, (backdraft), Incinerate(x3), Chaos Bolt, repeat.

Panda introduces some differences, maybe. 

My, oh my, I am actually on fire!
Burning Embers triggered.
First off, a new resource. Destro works with Burning Embers. You create a burning ember each time you cast Incinerate (or Fel Flame, they all like Fel Flame. You asked for Green Fire, now cast it on every time/mob!). On the training dummies, I am getting 2 Incinerates = 1 burning ember, it takes 1 ember to cast Chaos Bolt. So not really a huge change to your rotation. With some exceptions...

(I am guessing that the GUI is broken, because I can't tell when I have embers, except for when Chaos Bolt becomes active. My hands glow, it looks like I am standing in fire, but... it's a beta.)

As I mentioned, we cannot cast spells that are officially considered class specific. No more Corruption for Destro.

Conflagrate is like Hand of Gul'dan, you get 2 instant casts, then you wait for the 10s cooldown before casting another. 

Burning Embers are resources also for:
Fire and Brimstone + Inc.
Playability-wise, I was finding Destro burning faster (curse - instant, FF - instant, conflag - instant, immolate - 1.3s (x3) and cb - 3.7s), but also very squishy. I could easily handle 2 (maybe 3) mobs, but once I got more, the Imp wasn't enough protection. I ended up running with ol'Blue in order to handle the larger crowds coming around. This may simply be my lack of playing for a year, but demo does have the big guy to handle a lot of the dirty work. Overall, shorter rotation, a new resource that I can't quite explore due to the bar not showing correctly. 

 Another look at talents and I found my old friend "Soul Harvest" hidden as "Dark Regeneration". One advantage is that DR is not for only 'Out of Combat', more like Lifebloom for Alchemist. For Destro, I think I might go back into the old tree spells and pickup Soul Leech.

Hey Afflock, your shards are hanging out.


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