Blizzard Having Black Tuesday Shopping?

The Arena season is ending tomorrow.
4.3 patch is most likely going to drop too. (Season 10 arena buy back issues).

With this means, the usual currency devaluation. All your high-value Valor or Conquest points, will be converted to the lower value Justice or Honor points. Gear that was formerly out of reach (like that beloved Tier 11 warlock set) due to ill-performing raid team. Combine that with a late start to the Arena team making only the 7800 limit to get the weapon. I am personally looking forward to some transition recession upgrades.

Sleepy Gladiator Set
Elk is STILL running around with that 353 "dog-collar" of bones. I know, there is no helm money can buy, but there does appear to be a decent one dropping off the new dungeons. At the moment, my priest is running around with 3 pieces of Ruthless gear (chest, weapon and belt). I'd love to see the legs and head replaced sooner than later. As soon as the next arena season fires up, I am sure we'll be right there stacking up Conquest for those "Cataclysmic" gear pieces.. (I can already see the Panda gear names in my head.. adorable gladiator,  and gentle gladiator).

Call this Black Tuesday. What are you going to buy?


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