TMI Raiding

A concept idea for blog post. Trying to translate the WoW game into RL. Taking into account that all magic and current character abilities are given *("Magical healing is impossible", prot pally shield is not a boomerang). 

To Much Information about Raiding. What a 20 man raid may be like in RL.
  • Instead of just the twenty heroes, each would have an apprentice or squire carrying that extra gear, food and tools for repair gear.
  • After some fights, you will need repairs, not just after a certain resilience level. Plate armor doesn't magically unbend. You could have a crushed chest plate. Not to mention your sword broke? Burnt cloth armor holes?
  • Bathroom breaks. Eat drink urinate.
  • Fighting would be exhausting. Not just when YOU need to go to bed, but you'd need to sleep after a certain number of fights. the more you play the more you'd build up more stamina and could fight longer.
  • Clipping. Arms reach between heroes please.  No bumping into each other during fight.Only run 'around' the boss, not through (unless you can get under his dragon legs).  (crouching)
  • Friendly fire. That giant hunter trap, mage snowflake, rain of fire.. Yeah tank and melee is going to get hit too. Healers better be ready for your DPS AOE. 
  • One size fits none. That drop off that giant demon isn't going to fit your gnome. It will need to be fitted for your character.
  • If you don't sleep in an inn, those rogues are going to pick pocket you while you sleep.
  • You could have grey classes that blend. Shadow + discipline. Use more damaging spells for even better healing.
  • Drops. Stuff you throw out could be picked up by anyone.


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