Karazhan 7 of 8

Over the last 2 weeks, we've made 2 attempts at Return to Karazhan. Two of our six are currently working to move into a new house, so we were short one DPS. We've brought along a non-guild friend, Shamwise, as our 3rd DPS.

As a rather casual player, I only ran Karazhan the raid, only once, but the rest of the party was enjoying the nostalgia of the entire run. "I love the music in this place (opera hall)." "Oh look you can talk to the big-bad wolf and get him to say "Run! little girl run!".

So far we've successfully downed 7 of the 8 bosses. Some of the bosses we've managed to one-shot, while other times, we died over and over to the trash. With the reset Tuesday (today), we'll have to start over again for a third time.

Attempt One: 

Start Friday, around 10PM local, complete Opera (westside story), Lots of  dancing, both by boss and team to avoid all the various spells they cast. So far, the corpse run is decent, but do-able. Maiden, easy. As long as you track that you have the dot, it's easy. Make sure your team drops the on the walls, not immediately under the boss. At end of fight we had no space to move. The crystal near Attumen is buried in spider-ville. Ouch. (Note portal at the spiders takes you back to side door where you entered). Couple attempts with Attumen, darn charging horses killing us each time. Now the corpse run is 5 minutes an attempt (down through opera, across ballroom down back stairs, around all the spiders). Last attempt, then we realize that killing Moroes opens up a shortcut. Go back and kill Moroes (one shot) and it's now 12:30AM, so bed.

We were never able to reconvene before Tuesday, so we never progressed any further.

Attempt Two: 

Wednesday, Opera is Belle and Beast, much easier, simply a tanking order. Can't remember, either close one-shot, or easy two shot. (I sort of remember us missing an interrupt and all dying). Instead of heading to Maiden, we go straight to Moroes.

Dancing with Attumen Chargers
Now we can take the shortcut to Attumen via backstairs, It took a few tries, but finally everyone learned to dodge the charging lines of horses. Unlike the Cordana lines of warriors, they don't criss-cross/overlap, instead the horses have a simpler split near the middle. If I found the split, I'd run through and behind. Only complication was when the line of horses started inside the round walls of the fight arena.

Day 2: Friday we subbed in one of our DPS. This created a bit of difficulty as she didn't have DBM installed and didn't get alerts on boss tactics. Didn't help that we also started this run later than normal (my toddler was just not tired). We re-killed Maiden and were able to kill Curator (and get the last crystal that he poops out). It took several attempts to get him down, Key being, tanking him down one side of the hall way while everyone else rand down the other side and ranged DPS taking out the volatile energy adds. Sadly the added DPS couldn't pickup all of the crystals. Yes to Opera and Maiden, no to Morose (and we didn't check on the final location in spider-ville).

Day 3: Coming back to Karazhan Monday night, we had high hopes. I knew from watching some strat videos that the last boss is a really tough dance, but didn't think Medivh or the mana devourer were going to be so difficult. Medivh is all about the interrupts. We ended up having to call out each interrupt ("i got it") so that we could stop as many as possible.

Mana devourer, I feel we just got lucky. Absorbing the mana balls ended killing everyone a number of times, with usually me left standing. The last fight, our warlock dropped a soulstone on me, and our shaman popped his personal battle-rez. We then managed to take him down.

So we finally reached Viz around 12:30AM. We 'just one more try'd until 1:15. Sadly we could never quite get over the hump of phase 3. The dance on phase 1 was easy. Phase 2, our lock would put up her portals and we'd fly to the boss, avoiding his shot. Phase 3, we'd aggro all the adds, but we'd die to the purple balls each time. I think we have a good idea of the fight. We need more dps on last round. We managed to get him down to 12-14% most every time.

Since then I've ran Kara with a pug one time and we made it all the way up to the mana wyrm. Medivh was a bit of a struggle (jump but don't move during eternal winter and flame wrea.. POW!). Our mage has made it all the way with another group. They cast BL/TW on phase 3 to DPS down boss quicker. (and managed to avoid the purple balls, i guess).

Our healer (and one DPS) return from a mid-winter vacation next week. Hopefully we'll get another full run in soon!

Now, I think it's time to queue for an Arcway/Court of Stars run. After the kara pug, I might be ready.



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