Still Alive

Whew! October 20th, finally completed my class-hall campaign!. I picked up the remaining 3 hall champions in one quick swoop. Nice.

With that, it took a little running normal dungeons, but I am now geared up enough to start running LFR. Not a lot of new mechanics to note. Panda Steve does a great job at summary. (see here).

I've also started running world quests (fka dailies). This format does have some nice benefits. You have time for grinding down 10 bad guys and grabbing their shoes? Or how about just killing 4 elites? Easy. You pick.This also creates a nice variety where you can mix it up each week.

Still have only the one max-level character. There's so much good stuff that I can't get around to restarting it all on a second or third character. Maybe after I finally get into Karazhan.

Source: Overking

Overwatch's RNG has been mixed bag on my loot box luck. I've purchased 22 loot boxes and (my son) won 2 of them via leveling. From these 24 boxes, we've found 3 4 of the skins (Junkenstein, Soldier 76, Rheinhardt and Hanzo) The one that we've really wanted is that for Reaper; love that pumpkin head.

Speaking of Halloween. I GOT THE MOUNT! Yeah, another broomstick!!.. Oh you thought I meant the horse-thingy??, Hate to tell you that doesn't still drop (especially if you're playing a warlock), I am fairly certain that only dropped for people back in Wrath.

Now, if you see Elkagorasa playing Overwatch before 10PM PST, that's probably my son. He's gotten pretty fond of both Rheinhardt (oh yeah, we got the ghostly skin) and/or Bastion. One time playing he got called out pretty badly for 'trolling'. I've told him he can't play my account, if he's simply camping in the corner. He needs to be front and center, especially as Rheinhardt. He's been very excited about the release of the newest hero, Sombra. It's pretty cool if Blizzard has been putting all of this together and not just some excited fan.


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