Normal Mannoroth

Last night, I ran with a friend's guild on normal Mannoroth. I started with them playing with them as Elkagorasa doing dps, but he was ranking 9:11, even below both tanks.. (/sigh). Blame it on my average gear score being 10-15 points lower than everyone else. 

Half way through the night, I swapped to Eride and healed the fight a few times. We still never won the fight, best was 9% down before wipe.

To help me out, I have collected a few videos that give some strategies. 

Curse of doom, take damage and the curse will disappear. Run to pool in center.
DPS/Healer - Don't stand in front of boss.

Phase 4 - # of people in 'circle' [soaking damage during gaze] determine how big the pond will be. 
Save lust cooldowns at 35%

FatBoss changes the strategy where the raid group stands at the pillar and tanks are in middle. This way you don't need to manage the 'gaze'. People are already grouped together and simply grouped together.

Last video is from a Discipline Priest POV. It's nice because she also gives actual damage numbers for each boss activity, then steps through to show how her guild completed the phases.


  1. I still can't wrap my head around my Warlock this expansion, so she's mainly gathering dust (or doing garrison missions). Whenever I try to dps with her she feels clunky. It's a shame, cause I like her as a character.

    As for Mannoroth, I've never done it as a Warlock, but I've done it as a ranged dps. It can definitely cause some issues if people aren't on their toes, since there's a lot of things to avoid - and also a lot of things to heal.

    My guild is notorious for being bad at movement, so our raid leader tends to go for the tactics that require the least - so we do the version where the final phase has the boss facing the middle of the room, allowing dps and healers to easily avoid his frontal cone attack (but of course moving to stand in front of him in time for the push-back).

    Let me know if you'd like to know how we do it (probably fairly similar to how everyone else does, to be fair), since we do try to do it the easiest way possible. (Like seriously, there are some fights where we won't do tactics as suggested because we just don't trust our members to move... It's sad, really *lol*)

    Anyway, good luck in there! It's a fun fight!


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