Iron Dwarfs, Medium Rare (not solo, but strategy)

Late Saturday night, I logged on to run Ulduar with my druid (level 100). I thought her combination of healing, and tank would make her a cinch for completing getting Glory to the Ulduar raider. Upon entering the raid zone, a guildie pinged me and asked if they (husband and wife) could help out. They both had the achievement and would be able to help. Sure!

(Start - Zone in, check raid, 10-man, zone out, change raid to 25-man, zone in, talk to Brann, realized need to talk to Norgannon before!?!, zone out, reset raid, try again)

While they got ready, I started the tank fight. On my warlock, this was easy. I was able to DPS down the tank and move on quickly. Some reason, in bear and cat, I could not do take down Leviathan for orbit-uary. I ended up having to bring in 3 of the tanks and quickly hop between them. I ran out of ammo on the second, but the DOT took him down before I could jump to the third.

Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare

OK, we had 3 people for this. Me as guardian druid, completely naked (which isn't as bad as running BELF priest naked), plus hunter and healer fully dressed.  My job, aggro the Dark Rune Guardians. Hunter did cleanup everything else in background. Healer, well, just healed.
I found that the druid's faerie fire did a reliable (mapped to mouse button 4 for raiding), repeatable amount of damage. About 15% of the bar would decrease with each push. I could bring down the guardians down to about 1/3 health, then stop and wait for dragon to drop. The major trick being to do damage to them after Razorscale lands. So I'd kick off one more FF before her big breath. OK, honest, this got me 1 or 2 each time, UNTIL SHE ENRAGED. At this time, her damage goes up and she took down 13 in one strike. Timing-wise, this was right after I remembered to damage them on the ground, so maybe related?

Rest of bosses

Kologarn (Disarmed) was my last achievement and it really helped having 3 people. We each took one body part, then swapped to body when our arm was done. Freya was painful with her heals, when solo, easy with 2 DPS. Mimiron was impossible solo because I couldn't do enough damage to the head when fully tank mode. We even split the work, I took down Iron Assembly while the hunter took down Ignis (skipped earlier), by starting fight at roughly the same time.

Bonus, achievements are shared, so despite not pushing the big-red-button on mimiron (with all three us there), Glory to Ulduar Raider was earned!
(btw, I don't like the druid tier gear as much as priest)


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