Draenor Pathfinder Complete

I logged off last night with only 1700 rep needed to reached revered with the Order of the Awakened. Any other week and this would have frustrated me, knowing I would need to run the gauntlet 2 more times to get my pathfinder achievement. Happily this week is Darkmoon Faire and I was more than happy to port from my Tanaan office back to Ashran, then port to Thunder Bluff to get the Whee! buff.

Yeah, they allow it on the carousel!

I totally took advantage of Grumpy's Ultimate Unforseen Circumstance's tip.
Leave it on the body.
Yep, that's it. Don't auto-loot the fel-corrupted apexis crystals, leave them on the dead-body.  This was great, for the simple fact that one day, I got on, already having 5 crystals. I didn't auto look, so I got 5 more. Then managed to get into a group, and completed my quest. The next day, I killed the 3 mini-boss challenges and got 6 more, leaving only 4 to get. Use 3, leaving 2 remaining for the one more day..

Overall, what does this mean??? My druid can use flight form again and my priest (level 92) might actually get to 100 before Legion..

Ah, druid can fly again..

Good luck Chadoria!


  1. For me the stickler point for getting the pathfinder was two zones, Gorgrond and Spire of Arak. In one of the near end quest in Gorgrond, I literally CANNOT find the quest giver even though he's on the mini-map. When I decided to finish the unlock, I went and made an concerted effort to finish it all. The rest is just running around in Frostfire Ridge (I'm Alliance, so getting the explorer isn't automatic for me in Horde starting zone). I finished up in Spire by finally finishing the zone story quest and got my achievement by doing exploration. It has made completing the zone story quests easier on my 9 other alts.

    Hell, this weekend I decided (after finishing 50 timewalker dungeon) to get as many of my toons through Spire of Arak to get the Talonpriest as the follower. I got 7 out of 9 alts done...

    1. As for tracking quest status, I love how the WoWHead addon integrates with the web site. Once you define a main character, it will break down each and every quest that you have (or not) completed in a zone.

      As for the mini map, I've found it's not always correct. Just was working on the quest chain for the Harrison Jones in Gorgrond. Starts in cave, click on cauldron run out into zone and follow the bug. If you didn't click the cauldron, the bug never appeared, stuck. Had to logout and back in to get cauldron to appear..


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