July Status Update

Just a quick update...

Vacations are complete. At least I think so; my wife may have other ideas. 4 days amidst the crowded Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration should be enough for any family.. :) It was a lot of fun and we still managed to get on a lot of rides.. It's all just a matter of planning out your tickets so you're always waiting on another "FastPass".
Cinderella's Castle taken with my cell phone

I've managed to complete part two of the legendary quest chain. All 125 abrogator stones collected. It was 2am in the morning, but I still ran over completed the quest chain. The next portion with having to collect 900 fragments sounds absolutely outrageous. Hopefully the drop rate is better than 1-5 per boss. 

Warcraft movie is previewed at ComicCon. Some guy isn't interested because it's heavily CGI. Too bad there are no orcs that they could have used for filming. 

Update: Just saw this on Legendary's Facebook.. So much CGI.

I've gotten my first epic ship through random luck. I feel like the 'destroys boat' for not 100% chance has gone down. Maybe it's just the one or two 85% chance that I've tried.

Timewalking has been fun, even got a few 'heroic dungeon' achievements for dungeons that I missed at level, but I still barely can complete 2 dungeons each weekend. BC Timewalking this weekend, so maybe I'll get the quest from last month completed this weekend??  Also a curious Draenor dungeon event going on this weekend... "increase rep bonus ..." So far, all my drops have been meh, nothing yet that AMR would let me equip.

Realized this week, that a 30-slot bag exists. Considering my warlock has been stockpiling mats for the last 3 months, he now has 800 cloth to use on this bag. Just need to xmute the sorcerous earth.

Going to try running BRF LFR this weekend and see how it goes. Maybe even peek into the add-fest that is HFC.

Addition #1: Worst news of all.. A co-worker/guildie was kind enough to send my Alliance druid (on a different realm than my main) a Sky Golem. Yeah, I know, pretty awesome! Problem?? My druid is level 77 and to even 'use' this mount (meaning add to my stable of mounts), I have to be level 80. So, I guess I need to start running more dungeons as NE bear..

Addition #2: I finished my rep grind with the Arakkoa and now have the level three trading post (plus 20% rep bonus). I am just about ready to start grinding out my rep with the three factions for Pathfinder.


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