Mobile Auction House

More than once, I've been sitting at work, wishing that I could comment on a Blizzard post. If I only had my authenticator, I could comment on ...  But, since, I use a physical authenticator, and it sits on my desk at home, I am typically resigned to passive participation (or blogging about something on the side).

Today, I noticed something new! For kicks, I clicked on the logon link to connect to the site (I wanted to vote in the BMAH poll) and I noticed a new drop down option, SMS Protect. Selecting this sent a text to my registered cell phone with an authenticator code. :)

Not a very good photoshop

Now I was able to participate in the poll. Yes I seldom have enough gold to even participate in the Black Market Auction House.

Speaking of Auction House, now that I am able to logon from work, I can actually access the remote auction house!. Checking my bank alt, I see she has approximately 50 items that expired last Sunday and could be relisted. Click 'Relist' button, from here you can compare prices to other people's posts, then type in bid/buyout prices and off it goes.

It would be awfully nice, if the relist could put in the similar prices as I posted last time. With no competition, I am not sure if this belt sold previously for 20gold or 200?! Or maybe it does and my AH addon doesn't post prices very high??

Did I sell this for 16g last time, when someone else did for 400?
One bit of surprise, be careful when you post items.. I noticed afterwards, that the ALL tab, includes my bank. So those transmog pieces that I may have liked but never equipped can easily, accidentally sold on the AH.

Now, I appear to be permanently logged into Blizzard while at the office. Maybe my little auction house goblin can start earning more gold! 3500 feels like just barely breaking even anymore.


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