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Over the weekend, I only had a couple hours to play. Mostly the kids are adjusting to summer vacation hours, so they're not getting in bed until rather late at night. This left me only about 2-3 hours a few days to play. :-|

I worked on my Draenor Pathfinder achievement prerequisites.

  • Securing Draenor: As of Friday, I had 3 remaining bonus objectives to complete. I grabbed the the scouting missions from my QM and queued them all up. The hardest, IMHO, was Shattrath Harbor. This zone had a number of 101-102 elites that would dismount me when trying to run out of there. I wanted to run as I was also working on my Explore Talador and treasures collection (64:100). 
  • Draenor Loremaster: I made no progress with the Arak storyline. ATM, I have only completed 3 of the storylines. I feel that when I complete these quests, the exploration will fall into place. 
  • Reputation: I realized that I hadn't opened up tier-3 on my trading post. This tier increases your reputation gains in Draenor by 20%! In order to purchase the tier-3 plans, you need to have Savage Friends achievement, i.e. exalted with 1 faction in Draenor. Looking at Elkagorasa's reputation, Frostwolf Orcs was already 4000:21000 revered and Arakkoa Outcasts also roughly 4000:2100 revered. I thought running through Manarok would be easy enough. It was, with my bodyguard and my voidwalker tanking. Was able to grind my rep up to 5400 in about an hour. (yuck). Reading Wowhead, some suggestions are farming the rare elites (400 rep each) by using the custom group finder and realm hopping. There appear to be a few more 'garrison support' quests that will give me rep, but I need to investigate.... Then, I realized that how dumb I was being.. Arakkoa + need to quest in Spires of Arak = free rep. As a bonus side-effect, I have found 20+ additional treasures, and a few included Arakkoa Outcasts reputation tokens. 

after 75% of  questing.

Timewalking Dungeon holiday boss snafu - I was disappointed queueing up for the Ahune boss fight, and finding myself thrown into the full timewalking Slave Pens. In addition, the party had just completed the ahune fight and was running to the next boss. Luckily I had picked up the quest to complete 5 TW dungeons. The trinket that dropped off the last boss wasn't helpful. Surprisingly, I did get an achievement for Heroic Slave Pens. I thought I had completed all heroic versions of these dungeons at level.. Guess not. At least, when I tried again later in the weekend, I went straight to Ahune, yeah Strength cape!.


  1. I would have really liked if all the apexis crystal dailies you needed for securing draenor had given some reputation with some related faction upon completion, it would have made it so much easier. I did the mob grinding thing to get them up a long time ago. Heck, I had the savage friends back when you still need 3 to get it before they lowered it to 1. But I am a freak of nature when it comes to grinding. I like that stuff.

    I like the idea of using the group finder to get rare kills. That seems like the best, but is probably hard to find groups for those things right now with new content out.

  2. I got fed up with the exploring draenor achievement and got explorer coords. Sometimes it's just a teeny tiny area of the map and you have to hit a specific mark. Super-annoying.

    1. Luckily I was down to only a few locations in a few zones. It was easy enough to check youtube where someone has posted 'how to get to ... ' videos for each of these locations.


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