Priest in Shadow

My discipline priest has given up the righteous path and went to the 'dark' side. This is an attempt to level her up as quickly as possible to 100. Formerly a bank alt, then dedicated dungeon/raid healer, now I want to level her up asap for possible raiding in Draenor?

To make leveling easier, I've started tailoring as much gear as possible. I've crafted the Hexweave leggings and starting to work on one more piece, probably head. The fur is getting cheap on the auction house, so I bought 5 stacks of 200 for around 500g. With two toons both burning dailies and work orders, I should have another 2 pieces really soon.

I only have one piece of 90-100 heirloom gear (so far).. Most of the rest of my heirlooms are base level items (0-60) with a few topping out at 89. If I only had 40,000 gold to spend on all the items and upgrades available.... Hmmm.

I've been following the Icy Veins Shadow Priest guide. I am slowly learning all the spells that take her out of shadow form. Or when do I need to quickly flip back. Playing Shadow has always felt like playing Affliction to me. Apply your DOTs, spam long spell, then cast big spell when you have enough resources.

Dungeons here I come...


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