Gotta try something else.. Not having SILVER Proving Grounds is killing me...

Last night, I had enough, I've been reading, and reading about Demo being OP and how the PTR was nerfing everything about it. OK, I need some OP right now.

  1. First off, rebuild bars.. Off to IcyVeins. New talents, new rotation..
  2. Second AskMRRobot to optimize my gearing. Swapped out 2 items..
Trying out the rotation on the training dummies in my garrison, I thought I had it down rather well. Queue for proving grounds, realize I don't remember the build as well as I had thought. What's the AOE? Oh yeah hellfire/immolation aura.. What's the interrupt? Same as destro, but doesn't the felguard have something as well?? 

Today I found (silver starts at 2:26): 

Some basics that Anxeity pointed out.. 
  1. Wild Imps, place them near one of the adds. Short cast travel time. 
  2. Hand of Gul'dan is an dot, and can easily take out one of the mobs. 
  3. Healer heals lowest health. Hit vermin for 90% health and let him heal it.. if need be
  4. Felguard has axe throw as a stun. (on top of shadowfury).
IcyVeins points out that demon-form does a lot of damage. Trigger Dark Soul on metamorphosis when you'll be in form for more than 20 seconds.. 

@_Poneria over at BlizzardWatch may help. She posted earlier this month, a series of weak auras that could be used with demonology to help watch the dots. I need to apply all of these settings to my WA config and then print out the instructions for using them!! :)

Looking at the comments on the youtube video.. as of 2 months ago there are still people complaining about the warlock dps on silver... I AM NOT ALONE! 


  1. Certainly you are not alone! PG silver is killing me also as a demolock


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