Request for 6.2

I love the idea of the proving grounds, I just can't seem to get passed them as DPS. I really, really want to get my silver PG so that I can finally move on with the legendary quest chain. To my defense, I just don't have the patience to keep trying many more times. I go in about once a week, run the Silver 4-5 times and see how far I can get. When done, I queue up for LFR, and go run the garrison daily.

My best run so far was when I ran spec'd into demonic servitude and the infernal (pet), "Flame". Flame is great because he does his aoe hellfire, wiping out several of the annoying vermin at the same time. Unfortunately, he runs slow, so I have him to sit in the middle of the arena and then start fighting however is standing there. My warlock is now sporting a 638 gearscore. I should be able to do this without issue. Heck, the gear that drops from heroic dungeons is only 630 gear.

Blizzard, how about this.. Heroic dungeons should require: proving grounds silver, or raid achievement or 640 average gear score or successful challenge mode, or ... even best of 2 of them. A 640 gearscore cannot be achieved via crafted gear alone. It would require sufficient runs of apexis dailies, garrison quests PVP gear, or going into the raiding environment. Taken in combination, none of these are a simple task. Apexis dailies on my lock, with my bodyguard, I can clear the quest in about an hour, but many times my druid has killed his bodyguard off and had to solo the rest, taking much longer. Garrison quests are probably the best means for free gear, but personally, I am still seeing mostly 615 gear drop here. (Need to level my followers). PVP is fun, but to get the gear linked to, you need to be fairly good and have a lot of situation awareness (or a good bot). LFR raiding is probably the easiest way to get gear as you can easily queue DPS and get random drops simply by standing in the back.

I know, I know proving grounds weed out the bad players. If I can't spend the time to research and improve my game play enough to get passed this darn hurdle, I shouldn't be torturing other players with my lousy dps. I guess I am just a lousy warlock. No legendary ring for me...  I guess I should just go back to fishing (or torturing LFR)..


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