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One more to 100...

The other night, I got my guardian druid, Esha, up to 100. Happily was in the middle of the Nagrand quest chain, dropping traps and gathering leathery animals. As with Elk, I ran the proving grounds and got my 610 staff. I was able to one-shot it, because of a mechanics difference. As a tank, if you don't finish the last mob before the timer, it lets you slide... As long as your healer doesn't die, you're good. I haven't tried running Silver yet as I still don't have the 610 to get into Heroics, so no hurry. Looking at Arielle's video, it looks more than do-able. 

I managed to get into a random Everbloom. What a mess. Problem number one, IMO, the DPS didn't know the fights. Sure, it was my first run as tank, but still. On spider boss, DPS was leaving the Pale One alone, he'd inhale the goo, enrage and then start attacking. Spider boss gets a big tasty snack! Mages we pulled while healer was OOM. On Yalnu, we had tons of flower heads not stomped on, mages entangled and I was wrangling up huge packs of those flowerlings.. Wipe after wipe after wipe. It probably didn't help that we had two melee dps (rogue, paladin), in addition to me as tank all right up in Yalnu's gut, but come on... Good thing I have a repair mammoth.

Speaking of Proving Grounds...

Elk tried the DPS Silver proving grounds again last night. At 622 iLevel, it was much easier. I was easily getting to round 4-5 running with the imp (unenchanted, un-gemmed gear). My biggest issue so far has been the darn bunny rabbits. I'll miss one of the small ones. I am loving the AOE chaos bolt caused by Charred Remains and Fire and Brimestone. This combo does nicely kill off the bunnies, I just need to make sure I have enough embers. I think with a few more tries, Silver is mine!

To tailor or not to tailor... 

So far, Elkagorasa hasn't given up on Herbalism. I don't want to level a profession up again!? 700 is still 700. Esha is working on leveling up leatherworking using Draenor patterns and it's going dreadfully slow. At this point she's only 66:700 points, and only getting +1 skill and +4 mats when doing the burnished leather daily. At this rate it will take her 25 days (assuming 100% mats) in order to create a single crafted item (and that's only going to bring her to 93 leatherworking.. Sigh..) Not enough skill level to see more than +4 burnished leather generated...  I am seriously considering of taking some of that questing gold and buying the mats and level the old fashioned method. With that in mind, I am seriously hesitant about having to level up another alt's profession...

Ready to Raid.

I am now in a predicament. I have a bunch of guildies that WANT TO RAID!?!? Even more, they want me to be their to tank. (Maybe been too busy bringing co-workers back into the game?). It's been 2+ years since I've had to schedule time on the computer, so I could play Warcraft. I've been simply running LFR and playing it casual with LFR and the various dailies. End of Panda, I even started using OQueue and Blizzard's Improved Group Finder to run normals as DPS. Celestials, Ordos, Garrosh, all 'solo'd' (aka no guild). Flowers, and maybe a dinner out are in my future to sweet-talk my wife that this is a good idea... Several guildies live locally, maybe we all bring the game 'home'.. :) 


I haven't been able to play my priest, Eride. She's decently geared in her 540 SoO LFR gear, so she's playable, but... Questing as a healer is painful. I am not quite comfortable with the Shadow rotation (yet) so I feel squishy. I am AFRAID of failing at disc healing in dungeons. When you watch something like Preach Gaming's comparison of healers... 

It makes me think Atonement Disc is dead. Do I learn to heal as Holy? It doesn't look too hard; pick a stance, throw renews and healing something another.. No PW:shield, no smite, no penance. Could be nice.. I think I need to find some guildies who won't mind dying while I learn..

Eride's Mad Skills
Either way, if I don't swap Elk to tailoring, Eride is my defacto tailor. She's already max skill level, so it would save me a LOT of time leveling up.. If I could only get her garrison unlocked.. The door is open, just no one working there..

UPDATE:: 1/14/15 10am - Did you see that 6.1 will include the new Heirloom tab? Along with the heirloom tab, WowHead has found that there is also a way to upgrade your gear so that it will level all the way to 100!.

Back to the Black Temple - Druid XMog

Between the Looking For Group video and that shaman from the starting area of WoD, I want Esha to get Illidan's helm. I am growing tired of the ninja mask and the leather scarf I had been running.

I am liking this change BECAUSE guardian druids never shows their gear. I think having a blindfold on would be homage to the fact that you can't see her eyes while she's in form. Elk's horns have re-grown back, Esha needs her blindfold so she can't see that. :D  Plus with a 17% drop rate, it gives me hope...

At 90 it was possible, at 100 it should be cake... Off to Panderia so I can take portal to old Shattrath..


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