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3 weeks into the expansion. I've reached 100 on Elkagorasa. He's now working to gear up for raids. I have managed to reach 604 by running dungeons and a little bit of questing in Nagrand.

At the moment, he's gone through a 2 of the level 100 dungeons, Everbloom and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. Both of these dungeons had bosses that required a bit of team-work. Everbloom's last boss, Witherbark, spawns a lot of adds. If they are not managed correctly (via the local mages) your tank can quickly be overwhelmed. This means as ranged DPS, I am running around and trampling flower heads and AOE the little flower pets that spawn. The tank is making sure that the mage attacks hit all of the other adds. We went through 4 tanks before one had his part mastered and we completed the dungeon. For Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, the very first boss was our crux, Sadana Bloodfury. Our biggest issue was Dark Communion. If the boss consumes the spirit, they are healed and do more damage. Wipe. This also took a few wipes before we had the pattern down. As a helpful note, DO stand in the Necrotic Pitch (during Bonemaw's Inhale). This will stick you to the ground and keep you from being eaten.

With my garrison tavern, I have a number of quests spawning. Both dungeons have provided me with with a few upgrades. This has been nice, now that the dungeons only give gold for successfully completing them. It was a major consolation after dying so many times on both dungeons to get a nice 615 item.

I've invested in the treasure map for for all my alts. As Elk runs around for the various assaults and hunting rares, he's now treasure hunting. I've picked up the wiggling egg yesterday. It's fun on how Blizzard has hidden these 'eggs'. One I've had buried underground and surrounded by beasts. Kill the beasts and the item is uncovered. Another was a giant clam that you 'fished' and it gave up it's treasure. On twitter, someone pointed out the add-on Draenor Treasures which will allow me to treasure hunt WHILE questing and not after the zone is done.. AWESOME!

Friday night, I started leveling up my druid. This toon is co-leveling with a warrior, warlock and mage. The others are returning players who haven't played since early MoP. It's kind of nice to show them around all of the changes in WoD. The rares and treasures are a nice addition. We've managed to play for a few hours, open up our garrison, purge the ogres from Bladspire and ding 91. We all took the flight path to Ashran and then went to bed, 2am local. The one oddity was the boosted warrior. He had boosted from level 70, but the boost removed all his skills. Upon coming into the starting area, he only had a few abilities. He had to do the first several quests before all his level 90 abilities opened up. I hadn't remembered any of this with my boosted druid.


  1. I just hit 100 a few days ago myself. Just last night got up to 610 so I am ready to try the heroics now too. :)

    This expansion I am trying out a monk (gotta love that free boost to 90 we got). So it will be difficult at first not playing my Warlock especially since I have been playing my lock for many many many moons. :)

    You know with this cross realm playing we can now raid together if you ever want? Friend me awzy#1339. My guild raids on Sunday nights (or we will eventually) and maybe you can Raid with us (assuming you are available and we aren't full too). :)

    -Anthony (April and my son Zach went to preschool together) :)

    1. :) Hey Anthony, small world! Raiding would be fun. My biggest issue has always been most raid groups start too early. Need to get make sure kids have homework done and mostly in bed. Putting my ideal start time around 9PM local.

      Personally I am loving playing a hybrid class. Malfurion typically has a 45-70 minute DPS queue on dungeons. I'll go out finish questing or work on a daily assault while waiting, but geesh. I can run 2-3 dungeons on my tank/healer classes in that same time frame.

      The beauty of the new raiding format is you can potentially have anywhere from 10 to 30 people in your raid, lots of flexibility. Loving that. Ran Siege with the 6.0 patch and it was nice not always having to worry about needing more/less dps. I could easily drop in late in your raiding and fill in when some EST zone person wants to drop off! :)


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