30 Days To Go!

Countdown to Warlord of Draenor. I am reminded to a post I did pre-Cataclysm that provided a series of things I suggested pre-expansion. Looking back at that list, it couldn't be more valid this time. Here is my list of items to plan for release date.
  1. Computer upgrade - With this next expansion, Blizzard has up'd the system requirements for WoD. If you want to see Draenor in full new-character model glory, you'll need to upgrade your PC. No longer will you want to run around with that 8 year old machine. Recommended specifications include i5 processor, 4GB RAM and latest patches of Win8 or OSX. On a personal note, I am still really loving my Vanquish II from Digital Storm. It's super fast. It handles WoW superbly. I run games like Assassin's Creed at max graphics quality without issue. Combined with the Corsair keyboard and mouse, I feel that I finally have a 'gaming' rig. 
  2. Add-On Re-review - With so many changes coming to the GUI in Warlords, I am really wondering how many of my addons will be relevant. Will the developers even update them? 
    1. BagSaver - used to auto-sell off grey and non-equippable soulbound items (plate on warlock).
    2. oQueue - while the new group finder will have a lot of the same functionality, I may or may not need something like this. Having most of the functionality inside the game and not need to download something else would be nice. 
    3. tBag - All in one bag app that sorts items. Will the bag sort function allow me the same functionality. This app has a long history of no developer support over expansions. So maybe this is the expansion that I'll finally love the default bags.
    4. Omen - Threat isn't supposed to be as important in WoD. In fact, that's one of the reasons they say warlocks won't need soul shatter (that and only affliction carry around soul shards). Tanks should be more focused on keeping us alive, not maintaining threat. 
  3. Pick a main / boost - Who do you want at 100 first? Will you boost a new toon to 90? Personally, I am going to play my warlock first as DPS is the easiest class to quest with. Bluey and me make a great team going through content rather quickly. 
  4. Pre-plan you garrison - I personally don't want to be faced with the need to pay some amount of gold to undo a bad Garrison building placement. Wait I wanted the Alchemy Alcove, not the Tailoring Tent? Blizzard has mentioned that there will be a way to 'bulldoze down your mistakes', but it ain't going to be cheap. 
  5. Rested Bonus
    Rest druid, rest.
    Your time will come.
    - If like other expansions, Blizzard will effectively wipe all your rested bonus. That means your (main) toons won't start off on Nov. 13th with 16 bubbles of 200% bonus XP. On the other hand, all your alts SHOULD be sitting in an Inn or capitol city gaining rested. Finish off your main in a week, you'll be fully rested on your second alt and almost feel like you skipped a full level. 
  6. Valor and Justice points? Blizzard will convert these tokens to gold with the 6.0 patch, so if you still have something you want to purchase (maybe upgrades on your MoP gear), buy it today.. 
  7. Empty mailboxes - Sometimes expac's go badly. One expansion, Blizzard lost all of our in-game mail. It was eventually restored, but it required opening each message with 2 clicks. One from Postmaster "This message was lost.." and one to open attached message then grab AH return. As an active AH player, I had close to 100 unread messages in my mailbox on one alt. This took several days to empty her mailbox. 
  8. RL Preparations - Snacks, time off from work, clean the desk, charge wireless device batteries, inform the spouse, etc.. There are no more 'realm first' achievements, so we can take more time to level up. In sake of Pandas, we are still asked to "slow down".
Are you doing anything special to plan for the next expansion?


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