What to Expect when 6.0.2 Drops Live

Sometime next month (October 2014), patch 6.0.2 will drop from the PTR down to the live realm. This includes a good number of the changes to the game both expected and unexpected.

WoD Pre-Event starts:

  • Iron Horde starts invasion
  • UBRS dungeon revamp is launched. (video run through)
  • Kor'kron removed from Horde cities following Garrosh's removal from power.

Interface changes:

  • New character models
  • Revamped Group finder (looks more like oQueue).
  • Inventory Improvements
    • Quest items don't go in bags
    • Toys in Toychest
    • Reagent tab added to bank. You can now craft using items in bank if in this specific tab.
    • 2nd tab to void storage, 98 more slots.
  • Bag changes
    • sorting via "cleanup bags" button
    • item colors showing around items, 
    • tradeskill items stack to 200
  • Updated Mount Journal that includes location mounts can be acquired. Specify favorite mounts and summon random mount button to be added. 
  • Auction House is combined (per realm) Horde, Alliance and Neutral. So, get ready to sell your cross faction pets on the Auction House!! (@Veroicone)
  • Reforging removed. Reforges will be removed from all your items with patch. Secondary stats are designed to fix this balancing. 
Before and After Squish

Class/character changes

  • Numerous stat changes
    • Stat squish goes live. 
    • Balancing of primary stats.
    • removal of non essential stats, including hit and expertise. 
      • Hit on existing items converted into haste, int or mastery. 
      • Any talent or ability that granted these have been removed or modified.
    • new secondary stats: bonus armor, multistrike and versatility. 
  • Changes to healing, including dumber auto-target (aoe) heals. Intent to make healing more active job, instead of spamming aoe heals. AOE heals may cost more mana, vs direct healing. 
  • Learn some major glyphs while leveling. 
  • Ability pruning of various classes and restructuring of racial traits to not provide hit, cc or .  Warlocks not hit very hard as we had a re-build with last expac.
    • All weapon specializations removed; haven't needed it since not needing to level weapon skills.  (still proud that my warlock got this one).
  • CC Changes. Remove or restructure most CCs. 
  • Haste and Crit  no longer have 'separate' types (ranged, spell, melee).


Dungeon/Raid Changes:

  • Siege will have a 100% drop rate on Garrosh's legendary drops for 6.0 patch (normal or higher); with release of WoD goes to 0%. 
  • The mount for beating Garrosh in Mythic will disappear with WoD release. (Just realized I'll never get Mimiron's head). 
  • Revised Raid Tiers:
    • LFR stays
    • Flex tier disappears
    • Normal and Heroic convert to the Flex model and allow anywhere from 10 to 25 players.
    • Mythic tier added, fixed at 20 players.
  • Legacy Raids simplified for soloing
    • Dragon Soul - 86+ 
    • ICC - skip Valithria as door is always open.
    • Ulduar - Thorim no longer resets when arena empty. 

Non-Blizzard changes

  • Addons all stop working correctly. 


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