Look Who's Tanking the LFR

Hey, it's not that bad?! After running dungeons from 15-60+, I was timid about hopping into to full fledged raid tanking. Now instead of just 4 other people dying because of something, I had 24 other people's repair bills to keep in mind. Healing wasn't so scary, because I have typically 5 other healers who could cover for my lack of gear. 

Tuesday night, sporting 493 average gear (3 green 483 post-boost items [legs, trinket & mainhand], rest 496 Timeless token items), I hopped into the Mogu'shan Vaults. I had went through both the Bryna and Evaly videos on this raid tier and was prepared for the worst. Despite that, the 'main' tank was a pally sporting a luscious set of gear that I could only wish for, so it was basically me off-tanking everything. Each trash group and boss appeared to be a tank/spank boss with no real tank swap mechanics. "boy this is easy!!" Middle of the last fight, I realized that I hadn't loaded any good add-ons. Where's DBM?? Omen? Oh my? Luckily the main tank did such a great job, standing in the fire didn't hurt me really at all.. :) A trinket dropped, but it was the Jade Courtesan Figurine (i476) and not even close to an upgrade for me (int spirit??). 

Last night, I decided to up my gear chances, and hopped into a second LFR, "Last Stand of the Zandalari". Sure I skipped 2 other intermediate raids, but based on my gear level, they wouldn't have helped much. Am I selfish? Yep. Did I prepare, heck no. I'd get another main-tank and I'd just float along.. 

When I finally got a spot (7 long minutes), I was rewarded with landing in the trash before Horridon (or immediately after Jin'rokh). These last two bosses were a bit more complicated. My co-tank was geared similarly to me, with about 425k health. Based on some chatting, it was both our first times in there tanking. With that said, we only wiped once on Horridon (because I let the 'triple puncture' stack up too high) and one-shotted the council

After the wipe on Horridon, LFR asks "tanks know what they're doing??", um, no not really! but who was going to admit to that. In the background, I searched for 'tanking horridon' and found this excellent video by Salts from a Guardian tank pov. Fast forward through the trash mobs and he does a great job getting to the meat of the fight. 

  • Slowly work him around the room from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock. 
  • Main on Horridon, off grab adds. 
  • Tank swap after each time he rams into a door. 
I was lucky and got a new neck off him. Maybe next time, I can replace my green pants or off-hand?!! 

Council of Elders
  • One tank take Mar'li, other take Frost King and Sul. Tank swap around 10-12 stacks of Frigid Assault.
  • Sul creates sand pools that spawn adds, that you should try to grab these adds. 

This is promising. Tanking isn't turning out to be as scarier (so far) than dps or healing. Heck, if need be, I can drop and see how quickly they find a new tank. buwahahaha!


  1. As much as I love my Warlock, I have to admit that tanking is probably the role in raids that I enjoy the most. Glad to see someone else enjoying it too! Before you know it, you'll be ready for SoO LFR ;)


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