Druid Week 3 in Review

This week has been rather fruitful for my druid.

  1. Got another Burden of Eternity, so I converted a head token. Of course, then ... 
  2. Tanked phase 1 of Siege of Orgrimmar successfully, picking up 3 items, head, neck and trinket 2. No wipes and very few deaths and now only one item still left post-boost set (main hand). Sort of liking the look of the head piece, so not sure if I'll transmog it back to Rayne piece or keep it.
  3. Realized as a Blacksmith, I can make my own belt buckle. (doh!) No excuse now for not having one equipped. They're still selling for 500+ gold on my server, whereas the living steel sells for around 250-400 gold. Took about 4 hours, going through Klaxxi quest chain to reach Honored and pickup recipe. Having two alchemist (only one with recipe), I made the living steel as well. 60 Ghost Iron bars = 1 living steel bar. A stack of 20 ghost iron are selling for about 80g. So for about 250g I made myself a buckle. 
In the process of running around for the Klaxxi, Esha was killing elites (including 2 warbringers) in all the surrounding areas. Amazing how many elites there are when not that many people are exploring the areas. Got an interesting 'potion' of 300% xp bonus for toons under level 84. Does this mean it's time to level another alt? 

Also got the elusive blood soaked invitation, and started on trying out the fights. Basically it appears to be dueling vs npcs. You check-in with a guard asking to be added to fight list. Until your turn, you are a spectator and can watch the other players fight it out. When it's your turn, you're ported to the center of the arena and start the next fight. WoWhead's guide is rather good on each boss's special move. 

So far, I am on Goredome and keep getting caught in his Lumbering Charge. In bear form, I am right on top of him, so I can simply run through him as he 'casts', but it's only a 1 second cast, so I need to be on-it. Benefit, as a bear, I take a 500k hit, but doesn't always one-shot me. I've healed up enough (troll power!) to take the hit two more times. I believe DBM will announce these for me, so I'll have to make sure that specific extension is loaded.. 

Overall, made it to a 505 average ilevel. Tanking isn't as scary as I had thought it might be. Still have 9 iLevel 496 items and 1 post-boost i483 item. Hope to run zone 1 and 2 of SoO soon, so maybe one of the main-hand items will drop!! 


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