LFR Underhold DPS Guide

Malkorok - Easy fight, but healing works backwards. It's as if during the portion of fight your character has a Disc Priest Spirit Shell. You can't be healed, but healers maintain a shield on you. Phase 2 you can be healed, but it's only for 20 seconds.

Phase 1
  1. Avoid unnecessary damage.
  2. Hop into purple void zones to soak damage.
  3. Watch out for smash zone.
Phase 2, stack (for AOE heals) and attack. 

Spoils of Pandaria - A storehouse of various items from Panderia.  Opening crates releases the monsters within (mantid or mogu).

As ranged DPS, most we want to stay back and AOE. 
Hop into the red circles that drop on ground. 
If you get a bomb strapped to you, drop them away from the raid, before you blow up.

Thok the Bloodthirsty - Thok is a 10 story tall dinosaur (flashes back to Un'goro crater) and being stomped upon by that beast. Now, Thok is just a prisoner here. He's trapped in a zoo/jail surrounded by other animals from around Panderia. 

Place gateway so it reaches across corners. If Thok starts at 12 o'clock and is facing 6 o'clock, I like to set the gateway to go from 7 to 2 o'clock. There are jail cells at these two locations so the tank will be running between them to open the cells. All the DPS will need to stay in tow behind the boss and tank. 

Thok has a splash damage AOE as he walks around. You don't want to ever be right beneath him. 

If you stand in front of him, you have a high chance of Thok fixating on you. This means you are dinner and will chase you down (red laser beam focused on you..). Stay behind him or find a way to run faster than him. I've died to fixate more often than I care to admit (ok, twice out of 3 kills). 

So as you open each prison, kill the jailer who shows up. When that happens, they will start attacking Thok with their unique ability. It will also damage you, so stay out. 

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